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Step It Up and Dance / Host: Elizabeth Berkley

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Elizabeth Berkley to Host Bravo Dance Show

November 30th, 2007 · No Comments · Tagged as Reality TV · Bravo · CSI


It’s a good week to be Elizabeth Berkley. Earlier this week, it was announced that the former “Saved by the Bell” and “Showgirls” star will appear on “CSI: Miami;” she is also set to host a Bravo dance show called “Step It Up and Dance.” Contestants on this reality show will have to master a variety of dance styles, including ballroom, ballet and burlesque (that’s a lot of B’s!). Tony award-winning choreographer Jerry Mitchell (”La Cage aux Folles”) will be on hand to mentor the contestants. No word yet on when the series will air.


Courtesy: TVCrunch.com



So I (to say in the tongue of the probationary kids I supervise) I saw'll'ed pronounced SAW followed by a LLLLLL roll then capped with the classic ED.... sawlled, ok spent way too much time on explaining that. So I sawlled the commercial for this new show hosted by berkley and she looks pretty good. Its all fancy pantsy dancing and it seems to be like dancing with the stars, only its dancing with the pips and squeaks that you never heard of. Anyways, SHE is lookin' el good-o.




ok so she isnt a push-up bra kinda gal





the chrome dick struck again


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you mean 3... cuz you know you are gonna watch adam corolla dance on dancing with the stars... -shudders-


I wasnt really pimping this show she is hosting to be honest, moreso pimping her since I havent seen or heard from her since saved by the bell then showgirls... and years later... wammo, dance show.


As far as TOP CHEF, yea, thats great stuff, last season rocked. I even went as far as to attempt to order one of those T shirts that bravo.com was selling of CJ's "Oh, big time" but their ordering was offline when I went, and I never went back later to attempt to order again.


"Oh, big time"

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Top Chef is my #1...I take it you were watching the Finale of Project Runway (My 2nd guilty pleasure)?


I am addicted to Bravo and now have addicted Ben! Ha, ha, ha! My work here is done!


I don't know if I will be watching this dance one, though...I'll see the first episode and make a judgment call. It's good to see her back on TV and not an episode of E! True Hollywood Story, though...

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Eh...I have mixed feelings about it.


I don't think that Christian should've been in the final 3. I thought that Rami & Chris both deserved it. I also think that Rami's clothes were better than Christian's...but I've had an opinion of Christian from ep1...


Rami's beige gown & Chris March's hair suit were my fave's IMO...

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You know, as much as I hate it, I'm a sucker for reality type shows (Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, etc etc...) but I cannot get into the dancing shows. I can't fucking stand them. Does anyone else have this problem? The same with those dancing movies. "How she move"... What about "How she learned to have good grammar"??? Did we lose an 'S' in there somewhere?


Oh my. Got kind of sidetracked there.


Anyways, I loved Saved by the Bell when I was younger, and it's cool to see her getting out there and doing stuff.

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No, you're not alone. Dance shows and anything survivor/fearfactor/realworld kinda just pass me by. Competition is boring when it's normal people being normal. But dance shows... just can't get into them. Only reason I'd watch "so you think you can dance" is, as mentioned, to support the friend who's auditioning.

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I always did like Elizabeth Berkley, but does she really want to remind us of the last time she danced on screen?


The same with those dancing movies. "How she move"... What about "How she learned to have good grammar"??? Did we lose an 'S' in there somewhere?


That made me laugh a lot.

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