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John Adams

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Torrent of Part 1

Torrent of Part 2

Torrent of Part 3


Paul Giamatti of American Splendor and Sideways fame plays founding father John Adams in a 7-part (each part over an hour so far) miniseries based on teh book by historian David McCullough. As far as TV is concerned, HBO is the gold standard; every show should be so lucky to get the HBO treatment, and they've put their full weight behind this project.


It starts with the Boston Massacre, and as of the end of part 3, he is in Europe trying to get support in the war effort, but it seems the war is coming to an end in America.


I recommend this series to any history buffs out there, on the off chance you haven't heard of it yet.

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Thanks to Jax, I downloaded all the links he had. I don't know when I'll start this, but hopefully soon.


Also, yesterday on Attack of the Show (G4) they showed a "best of / highlights" of the show... and it amused me. The youtube video below is from Letterman, as it's the only place I could find it. (I don't know if it aired there originally or not).


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