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the perfect movie thread (comic book edition)

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i posted this over in the perfect movie thread but it got no attention,

it did'nt quite follow what that thread was trying to do, so i made this thread.


what are your dream casts for any comic book movie adaption?

be they real or not


preacher movie/tv show dream cast


jesse custer - clive owen



tulip o hare - angelina jolie



cassidy - cillian murphy



saint of killers - clint eastwood



herr starr - alan arkin


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Yeah those were the days. I still say McConaughey.




For the record, my dream Preacher cast:


Jesse - Matthew McConaughey

Tulip - Maria Bello

Cassidy - Used to be Paul Bettany but after In Bruges, I wanna see Colin Farrell do it

Saint of Killers - Vladimir Kulich

Herr Starr - Mark Rolston...or maybe Ben Kingsley if there's room in the budget

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