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A friend I work with brought this up today and I decided to check it out: I-Doser.com


Basically, it's a sound player that plays a unique sound that allegedly stimulates special brainwaves in order to achieve an altered state. Depending on each sound's title (for instance "alcohol") you should experience a similar sensation to it if done correctly.


In order to prepare, you must literally remove any distractions surrounding you, relax completely, and turn off your mind. Likewise, for you "recreational" drug users out there, this sould be an easy task. (I smoked before I tried it - works 10x better) Then, play the sound and concentrate deeply - and viola, you feel drunk. Or high. Or horny. The possibilities are literally endless.


It worked for me, so it will work for you. This is real, folks.


Now, you're probably wondering "what's the catch?" Well yeah, there sort of is one.


The sound files you can use, sadly, are not free. They cost around 3-4 bones a pop, with bundles going for slightly more. Transactions are done through PayPal.


I'm wondering, though... could they be downloaded for free elsewhere, perhaps torrent-wise?


Discuss! I'm curious to see who else has heard or tried this.

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DoJ, hows it coming on your end? im like 13% done, and will be all about trying out the lucid dream and some other non-hard-drug ones in a mere 36 days, if azerues is to be believed.


also, in the interest of consolidating comments: mccain daughter pic was kinda hot.

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I tried the alcohol one. I did feel a little happy and woozy for a few minutes which was more than I expected. Its very hard to work up the patience to sit in the dark listening to a retarded whales mating song though. If the benefit of sitting motionless for 40 minutes is maybe but not quite feeling a bit stoned then fuck that im just gonna go out and buy a carton of booze and a bag of weed. At least you know its going to work.


That said though the relaxation ones and lucid dreaming ones do seem worth it.

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Looking through all the ones I have (theres a metric fucktonne) they have one for insomnia which could come in handy, one for giving you confidence supposedly to be used before an interview or performance, one preparing for listening to other ones, even one for delaying orgasms heh.


I thought it was all just drugs, stimulants and new age stuff.

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