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Doobie Brothers appreciation


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I picked up my first Doobie Brothers song by accident. "Rockin down the highway' seemed like a good title for a song so I tried it.


It wasn't the best song I ever heard, but it was good, so I kept it. It grew on me, so I would occasionally download another Doobie Brothers song and generally, I liked em.


Next thing I knew, I had a collection. The have a pretty easy to like sound, I'm surprised they don't have more pop hits. it's classic southern rock with harmonica and country twang guitars and nasally vocals.


My biggest complaint would probably be that they don't have much range. THey tend to sing about one place or another (Mississippi or West Texas) or traveling and that tends to feed a certain type of 'road song' feel to all their music which is a restrictive.




So, anybody got any Doobie songs they like/ recommend for me to try out?

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doesnt get any better than Black water, but you might enjoy/know some of their more famous works like China Grove, It keeps you runnin', Long Train Running, Listen to the music (wait, you clearly know bout that one), South City Midnight Lady, Taking it to the Streets, Jesus is just alright, etc. i keep thinking they get credited with What a fool believes. anyway, theyre awesome.

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Yeah Nick pretty much hit them. I swear Michael McDonald is probably the best African American singer that is actually caucasian (listen to his solo stuff and you'll see what I'm talking about, he outblacked Marvin Gaye on "Ain't No Mountain High" and outblacking Marvin Gaye is a fucking achievement.)

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