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The World Ends With You


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I'm all of mebbe 1 hour into this, and its given me more reason to pick up my DS again than anything else this year. This feels like the kinda quirkiness/innovation that i loved square for in the 90's.


Its got the amerimanga/urban feel of Jet Grind Radiio with j-pop and a ridiculous anime-esque story to boot, while im finding myself enjoying reading passerby's thoughts, however cliched, and the battle engine is unlike what ive played before, which im all about. This is the kinda thing that you do with the innovative hardware the DS presents, people: shit like this and Hotel Dusk. I wish the Wii would get some of this kinda action.


I wish i could say more, but hey, just early impressions. Anyone else in on this yet?

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well, yeah, thats kinda how the art style looks, though im likely focusing on the Jet Grind/graf art bits more.


seriously, the game needs a demo; i cant really sell it. videos might not hurt, though:



gametrailers does lenghty reviews; feel free to skip about, but see what you can, the engine's fun.

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Mal, you went through this game, right? i started over & am just back at Day 4, just wondering if you had any pointers. i keep my level set at the minimum (for more drops) and its not really hard, but is doing things like matching fashion trend with the area you're in that important for stats? cause im just wearing whatever brings the best #'s for now. god knows like half the status screen isnt available yet...this game's a few weeks, yeah?

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finally finished this one up....man, the endgame really kidna chokes you up.


this game was beautiful, really refreshing - not just in its style, but again, its scope being more introspective than the usual "OH NOES EXISTENTIAL CRISIS LET'S GO SAVE THE WORLD" thing, i underestimated it for being a handheld/DS RPG but it manages to get you attached to/invested in the characters. It also made the most use of the DS' functions/4th wall breaking ideas this side of Hotel Dusk. Definitely one of my favorite J-RPG's this gen, anyone saying Square only does FF remakes really isnt doing this game justice.


Ending theme "a lullaby for you" was nice too, goes a lot better with the closing cinematics.


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Space - yeah, you're early on, believe it or not. game wasnt difficult (especially giving you the "try again on easy?" option when you get owned by a boss), but i wish idve done more stat-building (eating foods/buying clothes etc) early on. stick with it, game really ties together beautifully in its endgame.


JZA - i cant mock, the seemingly infinite options does the same thing to me, i really have to push my way to sticking with one title. I finished Chrono Trigger, lost interest at the very end of FF IV, and only managed to beat this and Hotel Dusk. i casually play New Mario Bros etc. its worse for me cause i got the GBA emulator on there, so there's all these great Castlevania and Metroid games to get into as well.

you've just gotta pick a title & see it through. game with discipline! - make a backlog. all the cool kids're doing it.

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So I

finished the first week only to find myself in the scramble again. Should have known 7 days wouldn't be the end of it.

Have to say the game is really growing on me. I'm in the habit now of equiping pins that don't evolve before I shut it off so I won't miss out on evolving by lvling with shutdown xp (But then, I never have it off long enough to earn significant shutdown xp) I also am debating on whether I should start changing the date on my ds so I don't have to stop grinding after 24 bytes of food. Really loving this little gem. I do need someone to "mingle" with...NZA..*wink,wink*...........And maybe after we can play The World Ends with You! lawl :blink:

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i see what you did there


yeah, i finished this one up when no one else was playing, so we can work it out to link up whenever, just lemme know. i too was making sure i equipped new pins just for them to evolve, but i gotta say - i played most of the game on medium (and at least 10 or more levels below my actual one, for more XP/bonuses), occassionally switching to hard but by the endgame that wasnt as doable - you really only have to grind as much as you want to. you can even set the bosses to easy if you're getting owned and just want to progress further - because the post-game reveals just how very much i missed - even with all my exploration! - of all the game's secrets. getting 100% here is deceptively hard, but some of the abilities i found later were truly awesome (being able to heal helped a lot).


get the bigger wallets as soon as you can, the stats on the expensive clothing/accessories are insanely better than the wal-mart shit, but be prepared to hold off on raising STR/HP for a bit, you're gonna need mad bravery for some of the suits.

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Yes!!!! I've had my eyes on that wallet for some time now....


I pretty much have been playing on lvl one this whole time. My drop bonus is 28 or 29 right now. Been playing on hard too since the option opened, but as the name implys it is getting hard so I'm moving myself up to lvl 5 or so (don't wanna go crazy, gotta keep that drop rate up!!!)


Been stocking up on that funky chinese parasite root shit that cost 80k and raises bravery by 50 once you wolf it down.

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