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Game Show Poll Part 3

Kids' Game Shows  

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The third in a three part series, Game Show Poll Part 3 will cover Kids' Game Shows. I choose the shows that made the cut based no my subjective choice, but I used this list, to make sure I was to forgetting any worthy contenders. As is par for the course, American bias abounds.

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This one was tougher because as a kid, I think I wanted to be a part of all of these...


But then my heart skips a beat when I think, "On your mark, get set..."


I remember that Princess Meia & I had the activity/board game. Not as fun as the show, but we did have a pretty good imagination...

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never saw any of these and only heard of carmen sandiego.

Firstly, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego was responsible for Rockapella's biggest hit.*



Here's how the show opened (embedding disabled, that's why I linked it).


*This is a matter of contention as the Folger's commercials and the Kit Kat commercials were also huge for them.

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