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U.S. vs Japanese box art


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To begin, its a great game thus far, i can sincerely say i wasnt milked for just a graphic update - there's so much new shit here, its amazin.

Ok, the point of this thread is a talk ive had a few times with Chi-Chan (Spiffytee's girlfriend), that Japanese box art often kicks U.S. box art's ass.

Here's a few examples: Final Fantasy VIII.  FF%20VIII%20U.S.gif

U.S. Version, cluttered, pointless.



Japanese version - simple, rather nice.



Castlevania U.S. - what the fuck is that?!



Dont lie. That makes the U.S. standard castle shot look like shit.


So, finally, we have Resident Evil for Gamecube....


Eh...i've seen worse, but what the hell...



Hah...foyer shot...nice.  Note that the series is called "Biohazard" in Japan, so as not to confuse anyone - personally, i like our name better.


Anyway, my old favorite game site, The GIA.com apparently recently closed down its doors, which sucks, but they remade themselves as Gameforms...we'll see how it goes, not bad so far.

Regardless, theyre offerin an alternative cover for those of us anal enough to take advantage of it - the Japanese Box art with a sharper U.S. logo, looks great, im just tryin to find a high-quality printer to get it from....anyway, here it be, just wanted to show off their work & put it out there in case anyone's as interested.



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Well MLB, probably speaking from bias, i'd recommend a PS2, but hey there are some kick ass games on it. MGS2, GTA3, Gran Turismo 3 A Spec, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil code Veronica.


But seeing as your a "mooching Student" Gamecube might be the best option as its dirt cheap compared to Xbox, and PS2.


So i dunno really? PS2 is cool though! :approve:

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Well I've a PS2 so I am biased towards it. Add Wipeout Fusion, Devil May Cry and the coming very soon over here, Final Fantasy X and I think it's already the winner....then add the fact you can play most original playstation games and it's a DVD player! Up to you though? ???

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'Nuther good thing the PS2 has going for it is cheap games!  Over here anyways.  I haven't paid over 30 bucks for a PS2 game yet, I just stake out places that sell used stuff (Electronics Boutique, Gamestop, Planet X) and I have a decent number of games.  I never see used Gamecube or X box games anywhere tho.

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The fact that ps2 owners are quick to sell their games isn't all that strong of a 'for' argument! :D


I can tell you, if you got a ps2 now you could easily get the titles mentioned second-hand, that'd save you a bit of £1.50-a-pint-beer-money. Then by the time you'd finished with them, newer games will have been, gone and become available second hand.

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Alright, 2 things on this thread:

1) for those keepin score, the prices of the systems has dropped.  Here in the states (in most parts, if it hasnt happened already) X-Box & PS2 are bout $200, while Gamecube is $150.  All good deals, tho if youre only gettin one of em, PS2 is still the best for your money out there.

2) Does anyone have/have accesss to a really good printer?  I want a printout of that Resident Evil remake cover to use for the game (that fits on the DVD box); Mulan ( :kitty: ) did one for me recently but i cant seem to find it, argh...was really nice of her too. ???

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