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Genesis & Phil Collins


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When people go on about 80's music, they're often full of one-hit-wonder bullshit. For me, there was MJ, The Police, U2, and Genesis. sure, sure, make arguments for Depeche Mode, Alan Parsons Project, Talking Heads etc but frankly if you're talking good music from the era and Genesis doesnt come up, you're lying.


Which prolly goes a long way to explain why i see the band synonymous with Collins - i obviously wasnt around/exposed to nearly as much of their work with Peter Gabriel. Truth be told, i love Collins like Bateman in American Psycho, and i do think he's worthy of his own thread, but fuck it, i'm putting it here.


My first experience (past what flooded the radio) was hearing "Follow you, follow me" on the vinyl "...and then there were three", which i dont remember many other songs off of. "Abacab" and "No reply at all" apparently came from later albums but before eponymous album where i think they started getting a lot more play, and i recall "That's All" being one of those songs i couldnt get tired of playing.


If i had to pick one album, itd be Invisible Touch: between that song, "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight", "Land of Confusion", "In Too Deep", and "Throwing it all away" (arguably one of the best breakup songs, i think), its nothing but quality.


Still, the pic up top was of the first album of theirs i bought myself (on CD no less!), and it was noted for the track title, but "Jesus he knows me", "No son of mine", and my favorite off the album, "Driving the last spike", its easily my 2nd favorite of theirs.


..and all of that gets trumped (for me) by Phil Collins - Serious Hits...Live. but more on that later: cmon, someone back me up here. I cant be the only hondonian gay for Genesis.


In the air tonight > your favorite song.

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haha...its also a fantastic video. it might be my favorite video of theirs, offhand.



also, found one live performance of "Driving the last spike", goes on forever, but i love this song.


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