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I've never got very far into Phantasy Star 2 because the battle system was so hard to fucking decipher and the game openly hated you but I loved me some Phantasy Star 4. Alys Brangwin is behind Magus from Chrono Trigger and Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy 6 as probably one of my favorite RPG characters of all time.

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sorry to hijack, baytor, i just loves some Phantasy Star talk


Agreed, IV was such a good finale im almost grateful the series hasnt come back with the shell that is Team Sonic and tried a V (yet). It even tried tying up wayward son III.


Again, PS II was my first proper JRPG back in like 1990, hard as balls but i had such love for it, i went back and got part 1 for my master system - never woudla made it without the free maps Sega sent, haha. Still debating replaying II on Xbox Live Arcade, i just recall something like 80 hours or more into that game to get where i was years back.

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You know, it also occured to me that I think pre-General Leo and definitely pre-Aeris, Alys was the first main character who teased you with the possibility of bringing them back maybe and dashed your hopes when that proved impossible. Fuck your spoiler tags, you've had decades to play the game.

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cold as ice


when did you think you'd bring her back, though? and yeah, here's to the pre-internet days, i wish i had the strategy guide for IV (prolly worth a lot now) but that Zio shit came outta nowhere for me. Best $98 ive spent on a game yet.


you know whats funny? back in the day of II, i had it in my head Nei & Rolf (main character) were lovers, bish swore it was a brother/sister thing...watching the intro again, i think he's right. dont know how i forgot that bit.


also, fun glitches: in Phantasy Star II, use the game genie to kill Neifirst in one hit...

Nei still dies, but she says something different.



in PSIII, start the game, and sell what you're wearing to buy an escapipe. when the king imprisons you (looking back, this is the weirdest reaction to have given what went down), use the escapipe and talk to the king. heh.

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Well she was all set up on a pedestal and it gave you the impression that going to space would help you find something to bring her back and then you went up there and only found Raja (who admittedly was the shit) and it never happened. Which sucked because Alys was such a better leader than Chaz, plus she was crooked as fuck, which I loved.

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PS2 is prolly one of the best RPGs of that generation, especially considering that the damn thing came out in nineteen-eighty-fucking-nine, the storyline was so amazing, especially when you consider a) how dark it was, and b) how little it used cut scenes, or even major story scenes. The whole idea of what was basically a utopia turning into shit, and it's inhabitants being for the most part unable to even imagine what was happening was IMO, revolutionary for the time. It's just a shame that a LOT of that got lost in translation, because, we did get a pretty shitty one. There was a patch ages back that was a retranslation, it came out to little fanfare, but was great. That, and hey, the original character names.


Gameplay amazed me because you had a constantly customizable party in which you could bring different people along for different missions. Yeah, it was easy to do the default group of Eusis, Rudger, Amia, and Anne, but I was blown away when I realized how much easier fighting mechs was when you had Kain in your party, ditto with Huey and tough biomonsters. Nothing prepared me for the fact that Shir didn't actually suck however. Or at least that much. Yeah she was a pain to take onto Dezo where she might steal anything and you'd have to hike back to Paseo to get her back, BUT the fact that leveled she went before just about any monster made her damn useful as a spare healer if she was decked out with good items.


Not something I'd recommend on a first playthrough, but pretty cool nonetheless.


Best music in the series too.


Also, I'm sorry but it takes balls to end the game by

killing the entire party in a 300 style hopeless battle.



I agree with just about everything said about 4 as well, though the name changes in that one bothered me much, much more. I have no idea why they changed 'Lyla' to 'Alys' or 'Rudy' to 'Chaz' those changes were pointless at best, and deceiving at worst (I know a lot of people thought that Alys was supposed to be somehow related to Alis in the first game because of that.) I can understand a few of the others Thray to Rune, Forren486 to Wren, for example are at least a result of character limitations, but SO DAMN MANY others were changed for no reason, it kinda blows. Then again this is nothing new for the series either, it changed Lutz to Noah in the first game, and thus completely ruined one of the most badass scenes of PS2. Don't even get me started on three.


What really does impress me everytime I think back to this series is just how consistently ahead of its time it was. The original Phantasy Star came out 2 days after Final Fantasy, and 2 months before Dragon Quest 3, games that it pretty much shits all over in terms of story and graphics. Phantasy Star 2 came out before Dragon Quest 4 and FFIII, and while comparing graphics wouldn't be fair, gameplay and story were in another league. PS3, the red headed stepchild of the franchise did multi generational storytelling a full two years before Dragon Quest 5, and finally, there were a myriad of CD-ROM games that couldn't tell their stories cinematically as well as PSIV did, hell, the only one that supassed it that gen was Lunar 2.


Honestly anyone who likes JRPGs should really play these games, and not just because they were ahead of their time, but because they were some of the best, if most overlooked, RPGs of their time.


And hell, Eusis is still one of my favorite RPG mains.

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'fraid not, i know a few kids on PSU on xbox via kotaku, but i wasnt a fan myself, stopped at Phantasy Star Online. the online series is kinda a deviant from the single player series, which unlike bish - though i still learn all kindsa shit from his post that i didnt know from playing the series for decades now - im kinda glad it stopped where it did. im curious about the PS2 fan-translation he mentioned, mebbe Gaiden, that's it.

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The PS2 remake of Phantasy Star 1, along with the remake of 2. You told me you PLAYED a bit of the one remake, has your memory gotten that bad iwth old age, I think I even lent it to you I own them both. Originally there was supposed to be a release of rmakes of 1,2, and 4 to come stateside, but when the remake of 4 got cancelled the whole shebang went to hell. Japan did get a Phantasy Star collection rerelease of all 4 games as they originally were, along with some extra art and other crap like that. Those had an English option and apparently the emulation was perfect, but it only came out for the PS2 in Japan. Sad but true.


Still would love a correctly translated 4. We've gotten better translations of 1 and 2, but not 4.

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