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A google search for the website brings up some info:




TripleTags.com - Gamer Cards for PlayStation & Wii


TripleTags.com provides Gamer Card Services and a mini-social network for Playstation 3 and Wii gamers. Gamers from around the world can show other gamers on forums and websites like MySpace and Facebook what they are currently playing on their PlayStation systems via a simple interface that has attracted close to 30,000 members. Gamers can also connect with other gamers who are playing the same or similar games as well as participate in the Web sites whimsical blog. Along with wallpaper gamercards called "TagPaper", an invention of TripleTags.com and re-invented Tag Avatars or "TagAtars", TripleTags aims to provide top quality PS3 Tags as well as a fun way to manage your games collection.


In their own words

“Introducing TripleTag.com. The first high-quality PS3 Gamecard equivalent solution that is looking to innovate and help bring your love for gaming on the PS3 to the Web. We have also invented what we call TagPaper. A customizable wallpaper that you can even access with your Playstation 3 Web browser.”


Why it might be a killer

The Gamer Card service for the XBox Live service has proven to be a significant off-console cultural statement for owners of the XBox 360. Playstation 3 and Wii users have been subject to garage programmed Web sites with no clear plans. TripleTags.com elevates its service aiming to become a standard that remains relevant for years to come, capitalizing on game release hype, console preference, advertising sales and a unique branding delivery method pioneered by the TripleTags.com team called BrandTags that are specifically designed to suit advertisers’ marketing initiatives and generate further buzz for an upcoming or recently released product.




http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=625265 Supposedly fishy stuff about it.


Anyhow, it would appear that for those of you with PS3 or Wii tags are using this service, and it's wonking everything up. I don't know for a fact, just assuming.

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wait, really? that sucks, i love triple tags, great site. neither newt nor myself are using them right now, though...how long has this been happening?


I just noticed it today, maybe five minutes before I made the topic.


i fixed one member's sig that was using this feature; if you guys still notice it, try to point me to which threads in particular.


Thank you! I'll keep a lookout for future popups <33 YOU'RE THE BEST.

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