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so yeah, not sure how i didnt get into this guy from Def Poetry Jam alone, but better late than never. Im looking to grab some of his albums, just found out he did some freeverse books as well, and i like what ive seen - in the interest of spreading this about, here's what's been posted elsewhere, with some new stuff too.






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Saul + De La Rocha = Awesome




Saul + Esthero = Also Awesome



Saul + Saul = You know



This one is slow, but it becomes epic upon repeated listening. Give it at least 4 minutes before you give up on it. It's a slow rise to a great peak, then it drifts back down.



edit: upon listening to that vid of Wine, it's pretty shitty. There's a little gap of silence in the middle for some reason. It makes the point, but please don't think the original music is of such shoddy recording quality.

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looking forward to checking these out - i just figured out id heard him prior on the shit he did with De La Rocha a while back.

ditto. i believe i heard a clip on youtube back before the stuff w/ zach d came out but it fell off my radar. anyway, demonoid has a saul williams megatorrent i'm DL'n right now.

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I completely forgot about this song, haven't listened to it in years.



Nigga, you better drink half a gallon

of Shaolin

before you pluck the strings of my violin


Has to be one of the most badass opening lines of all time. Has to.

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