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this site's pretty mind-blowing if you're into this kinda thing.




Hunter S. Thompson




that's right, its Bob Marley & the Jackson family




this one is crazy! hint: the eyes.




this one could pass for halle berry, or even rihanna, no? its

audrey hepburn





Bowie Warhol molesting/being molested by a somewhat famous couple




holy crap, i wish i knew what was being discussed here.




...this cannot be connery. also for joel:






jesus christ, i need just one shot nearly half as sharp as bruce lee looks here. sometime before i die.


more to come, check the link!

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yes, bruce lee was the pimpest. the connery one looks fake to me. the other shirtless white dude (what's up w/ all the shirtless dude pics btw, custer?) is walken. i don't think that's bowie in the john & yoko pic either--looks more like andy warhol to me...and why the fuck are all jamaicans in a tree?



My ex-gf was once at the same hotel as steven tyler and held the door open for him. she said he called her "sweetie" then gave her a iss on the cheek. she described it as a wall of lips approaching her face. oddly enough not slobbery though.

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shit, i think you're right, that might be warhol. was sandwhiched in with a buncha bowie pics when i saw it (one with him and clinton, etc).

also i love shirtless men dont judge me i only put 2: i had no idea connery did bodybuilding shots/competition, and im not gonna lie: Walken's a sexy beast there. his abs are more defined, but we've got similar builds, so that shot blew my mind (earliest ive seen him was The Deer Hunter, didnt know what kinda shape he was in).


also, if i had a shot like Thompson up top there, id never change it. that'd be my pic at ever social networking site for life.

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...i personally question the integrity of any man not open to a manage a trois with Walken. if you say you're too straight for that, sir...i'm saying you're lying. look again.


I'm beginning to wonder if the reason you hate Louisiana so much is that on your trip to FL from TX you made the mistake of going into a reststop w/out any lube.

Here's another one for your fantasy file. *shudders*

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(denying walken man-love/self)





anyway, more on topic: for ray ray!




m'boy Clint, in the day:




in honor of MLB's birthday recently:




the king & sophia loren:




Kurosawa & Francis Ford Copolla...what a shot.




Nicholson, Bacall (not her best day) & Warren Beatty:




Star Wars! man, Leia's short.




..and one for the road.



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