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Foods I love


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Since we have a thread about foods we dislike, I figured we should have one about foods we love.


I love banana babies. They are frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts. Yum!

I also love rosemary bread. The chocolate chip macadamia cookies from central market. Any sugary breakfast cereal that doesn't get soggy too fast. Ribeyes, sweet potatoes with pineapple and brown sugar, pesto and bruchetta, and ben and jerrys!

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Sushi. Especially rolls with unagi, crab, or shrimp (especially shrimp tempura). Tamago's good too.


Migas con queso.


Bacon and other pork products.


Cookies. Especially white chocolate macadamia nut, snickerdoodle, or peanut butter cookies.


Sesame chicken.


Garlic bread.

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And how could I forget bacon?!?

We got stoned one time and made bacon chocolate chip cookies and they were awesome!

This was posted at a webcomic I need to catch up on:

Bacon-Flavored ice cream 1000g milk

1000g cream

750g egg yolks

625g sugar

6 strips of cooked bacon


Method of procedure:

-Thoroughly cook bacon, keep warm.

-Bring milk and cream to a boil.

-Add bacon to the hot dairy.

-Cover and infuse for 4 hours.

-Strain out bacon.

-Bring baconed dairy back to a boil.

-Whisk yolk and sugar together.

-Temper hot dairy into yolks mixture.

-Pour back into the dairy.

-Cook over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon till it reaches

nappe (coats the spoon).

-Cool over an ice bath.

-Spin in an ice cream machine.

Haven't tried it yet.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage


Bangers and Mashed




D'angelos (a sub chain in New England) #9 (steak and cheese with peppers, onions, mushrooms, then I add diced up hot peppers) or the Pastrami Ruben


More as I think of them...

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Tim tams.




Cheese and vegemite sandwhiches.


BEN & JERRYS - the half baked cake batter one? I devoured a small tub to myself in San Francisco.


Columbian hot dogs - im going to try and make my own tonight!


vanilla bean ice cream with Milo sprinked over the top


Cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts! (But NOT walnuts.... ick!)


Sushi - but only if its cooked chicken.


Smoked chicken.


Green Granny Smith apples. Mmmmmm. (Slice, sprinkle with sugar, serve with ice cream = YUMMY)


Peanut Butter with celery.


Hot toast.


Hell, bread in general.

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Tzatziki, tabouli, shawarma... Well let's just say Lebanese food in general. Especially hummus! Yum!

Chicken Wings :drool:Good Irish Beef steak, T Bone or Strip! I like Sprouts!Peanut Butter on ToastBacon & Cabbage with Mashed PotatosYorkshire Puddings with Gravy (Ooh gravy, northern boys love gravy!)Jolly Ranchers!!
y'all can't get jolly ranchers there can you? If not pm me your address and I'll sent y'all a bag.
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Tzatziki, tabouli, shawarma... Well let's just say Lebanese food in general. Especially hummus! Yum!y'all



I loooooove Lebanese food...I once dated a Lebanese guy and I used to love to go eat at his mom's because she would make everything from scratch.


My faves were Kibbeh, a red bean stew & stuffed grape leaves...but everything she made was oh, so yummy!


I like Mediterranean food in general and there's a Greek place in town that I'm going to check out one of these days...

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