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note: still just one design take, nothing solid there


the usual Pre-E3 madness has started, and the same site talking Sony's allaged premium service is dropping "leaked" details on the PSP2, which they predict will not show at E3 but mebbe TGS. take this with a huge grain of salt, as this is not uncommon for no-name sites seeking hits etc etc. really, i just wanted to get a thread started since we've got one going for the 3D DS and with PSP sales slumping lately, i figure this is inevitable sooner rather than later, but who knows.


If you thought a hint that PSP2 may make an appearance at E3 was exciting, get a load of this shit.


Baby steps.


* MCV rumoured last week that Sony “could” announce PSP2 at E3.

* VG247 goes digging. According to a source familiar with the matter, it’s “99 percent” it isn’t an E3 reveal.

* But there’s much, much more.

* Multiple British sources have confirmed that PSP2 NDAs have been in place at publishers and developers for many months.

* PSP2 has two cameras, one forward and one backward facing.

* It has a touch-screen, but apparently it has retained the trademark physical PlayStation buttons.

* UK sources were previously working towards a “2010″ release. This is now “2011″.

* One source would be “amazed” if there was any kind of physical media involved. We’ve been told it “could” be 3G-enabled, as opposed to the WiFi-only PSP go. This bit was sketchy.

* Multiple PSP2 games are being made in Britain right now. Some have even already been canned.

* There have been “finished units” in the UK, but we haven’t spoken to anyone that’s seen a final case.

* When asked directly about reveal timing, one source said, “If the games were aiming for end 2010, beginning 2011, and now it’s a 2011 release, I’d say a gamescom or TGS announce for launch early next year”.

* One source told us the machine is “fucking powerful,” being based on a four-core Cell CPU. PS3 runs on an eight-core version.


Crapped yourself yet? Good. Remember, “99 percent” certainty leaves “1 percent” of uncertainty. Don’t take your eyes of Jack’s hands in Sony’s E3 press conference on June 15.


We will, of course, be there.


...yeah. some fishy shit in there - no physical media? uhhh...touch screen sounds nice but there's also no talk of dual analogs, backwards compatibility, and especially with those badass specs...battery life. an obvious point made by GAF & others is that, really, the current PSP's hardware specs were never really a problem, not sure if just amping it up is enough to break more into nintendo-dominated country (though id argue their first go at handhelds has done better than a lotta people might've predicted, still some good games coming too). anyway, thoughts?

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I get all hard over those specs until I recall that I have a PSP that I never play now, not to mention this new digital breed don't let me play my fucking UMDs and offer no conversion. More importantly though, all that power & ideology and you're looking at a bulky Iphone/overpriced DS, and I still can't read scanned comics on any of this shit.

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Fuck NEC, Hudson did all the work anyway. NEC was just the finance company.


Hudson will be a 3rd party developer for this Sega/Neo-Geo monster!


I just came up with a great name.


The Game Gear Ultra will now be known as the Neo Genesis Portable Game System.


Well played me, well played.

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Hondo's...let's talk about the PSP2. dev kits are going all around; it's happening. IGN said this:


We've heard a lot of rumors regarding the PSP 2 but it has been limited largely to isolated reports regarding specific features; today, however, we've received a comprehensive rundown of the device's features from someone with direct hands-on experience with the forthcoming handheld.


According to our source, current iterations of the PSP 2 feature dual analog sliders that are comparable to those found on the existing PSP but are unique in that they have concave indentations rather than convex. It maintains the slider design of the PSPgo, but increases the overall size to accommodate the new features and a slightly larger touch-enabled display.


As would be expected, the PSP 2, like the PSPgo, lacks a UMD drive and will run downloadable or expandable memory-based games. The device also incorporates both front- and rear-facing cameras, presumably for pictures, video recording and communication, and augmented reality-based games.


Notably, the frequently rumored rear-mounted touch panel is real and features a smooth glass-like surface, which our source says can be used for a variety of input functions such as analog thumbstick-type controls, taps, swipes and other gesture commands like a swipe to reload motion.


Our source also confirmed the recent batch of leaked images from VG247, which detail the state of current development units.


As far as graphics are concerned, the PSP 2 is a beast, packing enough processing hardware to produce graphics comparable to early PlayStation 3 titles. The processor, we're told, is just over half as powerful as the PS3, though the specific framework of the cores and the clock speed was not revealed.


While the device isn't as powerful as the PlayStation 3, its components should allow it to sufficiently play games of comparable graphical quality due to the fact that it is rendering to a smaller, lower-resolution display than a full 1080p HDTV.


All things considered, it seems that Sony aims to allow developers to port or custom-tailor PlayStation 3 titles for use on the handheld, potentially to create a ubiquitous gameplay experience that could sync seamlessly between the console and the handheld. In other words, players could potentially start games on their PlayStation 3 and continue them on-the-go with the PSP 2.


Despite all we've learned, several key questions remain – namely how much it will cost and when we may see it publicly unveiled. Naturally, a device as powerful and full-featured as this would fetch a pretty penny, perhaps as much as the PS3 itself, and we wouldn't be surprised to see its official debut at E3 2011.


gotta expect Nintendo might've blindsided them with going 3D (kinda sony's game), so this should be interesting, but if the bolded part's true? holy shit, this thing's gonna be a powerhouse.

that said: can you possibly see such a device > $300? I can't. and - like myself - i know the idea of a handheld debuting at over $300 prolly strikes a few of you as ridiculous, but another way of looking at it is: how much are consumers willing to pay for an ipod touch, or an ipad, or other mad-expensive consumer devices still selling this holiday season despite the bad economy? "but that's apple"! - i hear you, but you can't figure Sony worked their way into nintendo's cash-cow market here to not capitalize on that kind've thing. The original PSP was already a multi-functioning device, curious to see what comes of this one.


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sony's doing a conference this thursdsay (27th), PSP2 unveiling?


1up says...


From what we've heard, Sony is maintaining a focus on these kinds of games for the new system, with the system described as roughly half as powerful as PlayStation 3, and as such far more powerful from a computing perspective than Nintendo's 3DS.


Combine that with a screen described by one developer as "like the iPhone 4's retina display, but better," and it seems pretty clear that the platform is being built for high-end games. We can confirm the rumored Uncharted spin-off game is real and in development as a showpiece game along these lines.


But unlike the first PSP, Sony is also including various control/interface options to allow for less traditional game concepts. According to developers we talked to, the feature list includes a touch pad on the back of the system to allow touch controls without fingers obstructing the screen, front- and back-facing cameras which will likely lead to augmented reality games, left/right and front/back tilt controls similar to those in the PS3's Sixaxis, and dual analog sticks to fix one of the main complaints of the original PSP's setup.

Given how much marketing Sony has put behind PS3 3D games in the past couple years, it's unusual to think that Nintendo's portable focus is 3D, and Sony's is not, but that's what we're hearing.



Our artist's rendering of what the PSP2 might look like, based on the information we've been given by industry contacts. (Click on image for larger version.)

Back in November, website VG247 posted photos of a development kit version of the system showing a design with a sliding base similar to the PSP Go, which led many to assume that the system's final design would be similar. VG247 later updated their story, saying that the final design will be more along the lines of the original PSP.


We've heard similar things, and that there have been at least five different looks for the development kits in developers' hands. Seemingly, Sony is returning to the non-sliding design in part because they want to distance themselves from the bad taste PSP Go left in players' mouths.


Further distancing itself from the original PSP, the new system will also not use UMDs, but instead use Flash-rom carts, which will help publishers manufacture games more quickly should they need to ramp up production when a game sells out.

One of the main interface changes is that now each game will have its own space that you visit before you jump in and start playing. Think of it like what you currently find on PSN, with the ability to look at friends lists, download bonus content, and find other options relevant to whatever game you load up.


i so wanna add a poll to this thread to see who'll bite if its $300 or less.

more rumors!


According to the paper, the new system will have 3G support. In Japan, the 3G service will be provided by NTT DoCoMo.


Using the 3G connection, gamers will be able to play online games and download software and movies. The service will not allow for phone calls.


The system will also have standard wireless LAN, of course. However, the 3G support will allow players to connect online wherever DoCoMo has wireless service. DoCoMo is Japan's largest mobile carrier.


Separate from the wireless functionality, the paper reports that the new PSP will make use of an OLED touch screen. Sony has developed a new processor for handling high resolution visuals.

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oh snap it finally happened








What we know-

- 2 analog sticks

- six access motion controls

- new game media (flash based carts)

- large screeen

- touch pad on the back

- Front and rear camera, with a microphone

- 5 inch OLED

- 3G plus WiFI


- 4x resolution of PSP

- Touch screen

- Touch pad on back of device

- PS3 quality graphics

- Released this holiday season, in Japan

- micro analogue stick



Some games

- Killzone

- Little Big Planet

- Reality Fighters

- Uncharted

- WipeOut

- Resistance

- Hot Shots Golf,

- Gravity Daze

- Smart As, Broken

- Little Deviants


Quote: In Uncharted, you can climb a rope by sliding your fingers up and down on the touch panel on the back of the system, and you can rotate the system to swing on vines. You can also climb, navigate rock climbing by sliding your fingers on the front touch screen.

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