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JMT, that top 100 list is crap. Thundercats at 51! Whats up with that? :D

You're right. Clerks got 52. Clerks deserved to be higher than Thundercats. :D


But seriously, I love thundercats but most of the 50 cartoons above it did deserve the spots above it. Looking through it now, about 10 of those shows didn't deserve to be above Thundercats. The rest did. I loved how the list has all the great cult shows. Any list that has the Clerks animated series on it at 52 is cool in my book. Plus Space Ghost Coast to Coast at #11, Ren & Stimpy at #12, The Tick at #16, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids at #19, Schoolhouse Rock at #24, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist at #40, Freakazoid! at #44, The Critic at #57, Danger Mouse at #62, Aeon flux at #66, Invader Zim at #76 and Daria at #86.


The great thing about this list is it's apparent equal treatment of old and new shows as well as mainstream and cult shows. These type of list always seem to have some prejudice, like if it's older, it's better, of if it's mainstream, it's crap. This is a good list. Futurama got higher than Family Guy, which pisses me off, but it's a good list.

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