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Yeah, well, Marvel's latest outings have all been designed to feed into the upcoming Avengers movie. But to the contrary, they're rebooting Spider-man and X-men. I don't think the Marvel movies have been consistent until the Avengers movie was announced.

Well, Marvel doesn't have the rights to make Spider-Man or X-Men movies (or DD, or FF, or Punisher, or Ghost Rider...), other studios have them. Marvel is unifying every movie they do have the right to make in one universe. But with DC characters, Warner Brothers has the right to every DC property, and there is not legal obstacle to unifying them in one movie universe.


I wish Marvel would buy back DD from Fox and reboot it. I understand that they are not going to get Fox to give up X-Men or Sony to give up Spidey, but Fox isn't doing anything with DD....

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probably because they make enough doing quality like The Dark Knight without having to work Bale/script into some grand JLA film that might not fit their business model. haku's right, i think holding off and seeing how Marvel fares aint a bad idea.


haven't they been trying a Bats/Supes movie off and on for years now? fuck, i say focus on individual character movies not sucking first. also: i hope joel gets his Flash flick, but if not? fuck him, he got a (debatable) quality 80s show already

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