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Superbowl 2011!


Who's going to the 2010/11 Superbowl?  

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Benny, I think more people hate the cheater Bill Belichick than any other coach. I don't hate the Pats, I hate the over hyped Brady who played 'pretty good' last night... but thats all he ever does. He is pretty good, not great. Belichick is a sly mofo into gridiron espionage because he lacks sportsmanship. I don't like Ryan that much either, so eh... Doesn't matter though, bring on the anti-pat haters... all I know is...




I think it will be the



with a victorious



Go ahead someone, post the pic of Farley in a Bears jacket choking... doooeeet!

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Bears vs. Steelers


Winner will be...Da Bears!


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I was gonna say... I knew where the Steelers vote came from. It's not a bad choice. Probably the safest of them all. Still, I don't want to see them win again so soon. GB was my pick at the beginning of the season and ill stick with em.

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...says the dude clownin' on MJ the other day. we really oughta do a thread about pop culture figures/athletes that none of us know, but are clearly more inclined to give the benefit of the doubt or shout "hang em!" based solely on if we like their work or not.


I'll refrain from trolling. Go Pirates! Steelers! oh god i cant stop

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I'll root for the Steelers over the Jets, but then it's all about the NFC for me this year, be it Cheeseheads or Bears. I'm really hoping for the Bears though. They haven't won in a long time, and well who doesn't like the Bears?


That and I had this guy sign me an autograph when I was like 9...





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Jets lost. You can officially suck it, troll boy.


Green Bay/Pittsburgh Superbowl! I'm riding this Packer horse all the way home!


I'll go with the Packers since Da Bears lost. (with decreased interest, admittedly)

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buncha pittsburgh haters. i hope ya'll get suck in an elevator with "black & yellow" on loop.


Not hating on Pittsburgh. They did their part. Almost didn't, but they avoided fail, thankfully. I'm just not a fan of Rapelburger. Better the Steelers than the Jets, but cheeseheads allaway.

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