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Stupid & Funny Song Reccomendation


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Here's a classic from a really crappy movie that had a really good SDTK.


For those who can handle Ice Cube, download his song from the SDTK titled, appropriately, "Street Fighter".


Was listening to this today for no reason, it's actually pretty funny to hear an OG like Cube making video game comedy & kung fu humor. Worth the quick DL. You will laugh.

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I did.

Yeah, bitch? Well now its back...in pog form!

Ok, if this is about funny Ice Cube songs, Chiefy, try "Givin up the nappy dug out" and then "Gangsta Fairytale (1&2)".

If its just funny songs in general, again i say try Bowling for Soup - "Girl all the bad guys want", its kinda funny.

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One that's on the radio now that I think is pretty funny is "The girl all the bad guys want" by bowling for soup. Catchy as all hell too. Not straight comedy, but pretty funny stuff.


"She likes the Godsmack and I like Agent Orange,

her cd changer's full of singers that are mad at their dad"

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I did...i have that soundtrack.  Cool song.  I bet you know how to do the Van Dame "straight to my feet" dance too, dont you?

Let's not talk about that... I might just have to find some Pumps & a Bump. You funky headhunter you.


"And we all take Malt Liquor in our Won-Ton soup.

Oops as I smell my fork.

It smells like sweet & sour pork!

They rush me from the left *pow*,

and they rush me from the right *bang*.

Here comes the chef with the ginsu knife..."

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Saw the video for his first song, was kinda funny. Dont know how it stacks up till i hear the rest of it, but i remember when the 1st Sandler album came out, it was all over Cutler Ridge outta nowhere. Couldnt go to a guy's house without hearing the beating of someone or other, or Toll Booth Wily...classic shit.

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