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I have to say, after seeing the first Rango trailer a few months ago I was confused. It's an animated film, by Nickelodeon no less, so it's aimed at kids right? Yet, the film's aesthetic seems like it would fucking terrify children. I guess this blatant disregard for the conventional animated tropes is what drew me to look further into this film. Lo and Behold, I find it's directed by Gore Verbinski, of Pirates fame. Verbinski also directed another dark 'kids' movie, Mousehunt, which I loved back loved back in the day (Christopher Walken as the exterminator, priceless). Factor in Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy (Whom I would gladly pay 7.50 to watch reading the phonebook for 2 hours) and this peculiar film has jumped high up on my interest-o-meter.


Then I saw the following featurette:


The thing that grabbed me about the above video were the live action reference segments. OH MAN! It would be so incredible if they include an alternate cut that is comprised entirely of that footage. I would preorder it before even seeing the movie.

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Saw this and liked it. I'm still sick of the creature stuff, but this was fun and different. The action was really awesome.



Fear and Loathing cameo. AWESOME! I was upset that that wasn't really Clint Eastwood at the end, though. The movie was already made for me at that point, but after seeing that... I was floored. Stuck around for the credits and was disappointed.


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So I took my 3-yr-old nephew to see this today. Wow, easily the trippiest kids film I've ever seen. I enjoyed it as a parody of the Western genre and the archetype of the antihero. In many ways it reminded me of the Big Lebowski in it's tone. However, I'm not so sure younger kids, 3-8, would realy be able to enjoy this film the way they would your average animated film.


The cameos mentioned before were great and...


I recognized Tim Olyphant's voice right away. I wonder why they couldn't get Eastwood. The credit sequence was great, as Panch said, but no "extra scene"--just some cool, stylized animation in the credits. The songs were kinda meh. Definite cheat on the owl's prophecy of Rango dying not coming to fruition--unnecessary. And what's w/ Gore Verbinski and his protagonists having epiphanies in barren, white sand deserts? I wonder if this whole film was born of that sequence in POTC3?


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Actually there is an excuse. That excuse is that he hasn't been in a movie he hasn't directed since he was established as a director. Seriously, I bet they had to air-lift in Tony Jaa to get him to not destroy them when they poorly photo-shopped his face into that tabloid they showed in How to Lose Friends and Influence People. He wont do cameos, he wont do walk-ons, and he wont do voice overs. He's Clint Eastwood, he can do that.

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So, since I was the one who started this thread I figured I had to catch Rango while it was still in the theater. Finally ended up going by myself to a 10:30 am showing at aventura, (It was the one and only showtime, and one of only three theaters still showing it). Surprisingly, there was a decent turnout (about 20 people or so and only one kid!) for a movie in what will certainly by it's last weekend and at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday. Now as far as the movie:


Wow. I loved it. It's the first movie in a long time that I left the theater EXCITED to buy the eventual DVD/BLURAY release.


Few things of note:


So I took my 3-yr-old nephew to see this today.


Hakujin, what did your nephew think of it? Mentioned before how it didn't look like a kids movie, but after seeing it, it didn't feel like one either. Though that's not to say kids wouldn't like it, I just felt it didn't pander to them.


Also, is it just me or did this seem like it was intended to be 3D?

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