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Well, the Boston Bruins did it! Beat those bastardly Montreal Canadiens in game 7, Swept our rival Philly Flyers, and now we beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in an exciting 7 game series. Boston Bruins are now Eastern Conference Champs for 2011 no matter what happens, for the first time in 21 years. Last time, gas was about a dollar, it was called the Prince of Wales Conference, and Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas.


Now we face the Vancouver Canucks. Going to be a tough series. No matter what happens I'm very excited and happy we've come this far, and I'm proud of the team for all they've done. Oh and P.S. Nathan Horton is a former Florida Panther.

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Thanks, Douche.


My season ended the moment the Red Wings lost.


Another Red Wings fan, huh? SoF likes 'em too. What a heartbreaker. I thought they were gonna pull it off too. Still, a respectable effort on their part. They made it a 7 game series coming from being down 3-0.

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Another Red Wings fan, huh? SoF likes 'em too. What a heartbreaker. I thought they were gonna pull it off too. Still, a respectable effort on their part. They made it a 7 game series coming from being down 3-0.


Yeah my family is from MI, the Wings are the only team we have left.

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...so uh, no answers on the greenman thing, then?




lol.. Hold your horses, there Nick.


This what you're looking for?






They are... the unofficial mascots of the Vancouver Canucks (Since the Canucks have no official mascot that I'm aware of...). They're hilarious. Even though they support the team we're playing in the SCF, I still like 'em. (Might have something to do with the fact that they're going to Yankee Stadium tomorrow to root for the Red Sox.)


Unfortunately the NHL being a bunch of stuck up pricks has made a RULING against them. (First I've heard of a sports organization targeting a couple of guys with an official ruling.) They can no longer bang on the glass, touch the glass, or do handstands. How lame is that?




Now THAT's how you kick ass in a hockey game. Bruins saw red and retaliated on that durrrty hit...they keep playing like this and we have a shot.


I hope they do. Winning 8-1 was awesome!

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So it would seem that because of Vancouver's dirty playing style, even Canadians are turning on their country's team and wanting to see us win...


Canucks Becoming NHL's Most Hated Team, Even in Canada,

But Henrik Sedin Doesn't Care

A bite. A taunt. A handful of flops, dives and embellishments. A late, dirty hit. A flying elbow late in a lopsided game.

This Vancouver Canucks team is making it easy for the hockey world to hate them -- and they apparently don't care.

The Globe and Mail, a newspaper based in Toronto, ran a feature on Tuesday night that detailed the growing number of folks in the anti-Nucks club.

Said Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland: "It does get pretty painful watching and seeing that team in [the Stanley Cup Final]. ... It sucks seeing them there. Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a girl ... stuff like that isn't meant for hockey."

Said Stars forward Krys Barch (who is teammates with Steve Ott so his opinion comes with a grain of salt ... or hypocrisy): "I don't know if he has an ounce of man in him. I'd be embarrassed to be his father."

Said Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney: "This team is so easy to hate it is unbelievable. ... I'd say that 90 percent of the guys in the league want nothing to do with seeing them win."

All of this is certainly getting to the Canucks, right? After all, they were supposed to be "Canada's Team," the ones to bring the Cup back to where it belongs -- north of the border. Yet, it seems as though many Canadians would prefer Boston, an Original Six team, to win it all. That has to sting for Vancouver, doesn't it?

Well ... no.

"We don't really care," captain Henrik Sedin said.

Coming from the author of one of the worst flops seen this side of the NBA, that's not all that surprising.


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So after Vancouver wins Game 5, Canucks Goalie Luongo criticizes Tim Thomas' only missed save of the night:




This after he had been pulled in Game 4 for missing saves on 4 goals... Then, Game 6....




He gets pulled for the 2nd time in the series. 15 goals scored against him, 7 scored against Thomas.


So far both teams are undefeated at home in the Series. Thankfully, Vancouver didn't hoist the Cup last night. I'm just hoping, believing the Bruins will find a way to beat Vancouver in game 7.

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Yeah, I can't blame them 100% for booing (classless as it was) during the presentations, but rioting? That's what I hate about the Habs fans, and they're retards. I thought Vancouver fans were classier than Montreal and most teams. But in the end... It is just a game.


...oh and ya missed one:



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