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Quick poll inspired by mild discussion in Fight Club: MTV's had some cool shows in the past, which woudl you like to have seen more of, and why? Ill leave some options open so i can add anythin i forget.


Personally, id say The Maxx if it wasnt done, still like to see more. I liked The Head too, another cool animation. Sifl & Ollie was cool, too.

Right now, tho, I'm in the mood for Beavis & Butthead; yeah it was dumb but i found it funny.


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yeah, I had to go with B&B myself. I mean, I loved Sifle and Ollie, but beavis and Butthead was on so much more. I especially like the Christmas episode when the only thing on their TV was the burning log. It was like an entire episode of them sitting on the couch laughing. Funny shit after a few beers...

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That's what ive been missing...dumb humor and alcohol. Thank you miss Tulip, soon as im settled in, Im renting some Beavis & Butthead and gettin piss drunk to it. :D That seals the deal for my vote. Junker'll vote for Maxx anyway so at least it gets one.

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I'm gonna have to confess as being a closet Beavis and Butthead fan. I have nearly every episode on video and saw the movie in the cinema in the earliest possible showing I could make (about 1:00pm in the afternoon on a weekday for Chrissake!).


Everyone around me seems to hate it but I think it has a certain je nas sais qeux (how do you spell it again?)


>Beavis and Butthead go to pick out a pet dog


Butthead: Woos. Woos. Woos. Shitzu. Woos.....


Beavis: Shitzu! SHITZU!




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