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The game itself is just ok. Neat little things having to do with manipulating the land, water, lava, with some powers thrown in for good measure.


The whole time I am playing it though I am thinking it would be a blast just to play with the level editor for this game, basically just make your own piece of land from scratch. Well not to ruin anything, but that is the last level in the game. They give you the tools to do anything you want.


The best thing ever though is spending 2 hours just playing around and making the island of your dreams to all the sudden try a new power out and spawn a giant tidal wave that wipes out all your villages and makes you have to restart the level. Classic!

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Oh man, I didn't even realize this was out. Looked pretty cool from the preview, vaguely reminiscent of Black & White, only with terrain deformation instead of a giant beast.


Is there any sort of moral split in the game, or is the survival of your tribe the main goal? Like, can you accomplish what you need to do and be a dick of a god or no?


Also, :kotter: and sexy avatar :love:

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I got to play this a bit this weekend. The controls feel a little dumbed for the console crowd (why oh why can't I set waypoints), but all in all I'm enjoying it. Enviromental manipulation is actually quite satisfying once you start to unlock more of your "bag or tricks". You get the feeling that there are many, many ways to solve each level. For what it's worth, this is a except from my internal monologue while playing:


1: "Okay, I'm going to call it a night after this map."


2: (finishes map)


3: "Weeeeeell, let me take a quick peak and see what mechanic they introduce on the next map."


4: (plays new map for like twenty minutes)


5: "Hmmm, played that longer than I expected and I don't want to have to redo all that, I might as well finish this map."


6: Return to step #2, repeat until 2:30 am.

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No morality choices...just save your tribe and move on to the next level. You CAN be a dick god, if you wanted, but it gets you nowhere in game. And omfg waypoints would be sooo nice! Dont know how many times my guys were walking, noticed some lava coming down the mountian and just stood there while being burned alive. But i think with waypoints the challenge levels wouldnt be much of a challenge.


i agree that you get the sense that you can beat these levels any number of ways. There controls can be a bother, especially when trying to pick up water or fire trees (at least i had the hardest time get thhe cursor to snap to them). But the controls for the terrain powers works pretty well. Just play through the levels to get to the last level...I havent had so much fun creating a world since Universe Sandbox came out on Steam!

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