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So we have a beer thread and a wine thread, so why not one for liquor?


My newest favorite is by pinnacle. It's a whipped cream flavored vodka. They have other flavors like chocolate or cotton candy, which are nice, too. The whipped though mixes so well. It's great with o.j. Which tastes like a dreamsicle. And with rootbeer it tastes like a rootbeer float. Or with redbull. Idk what that tastes like, but it's nice. I got quite hammered on the wipped bombs a couple of weeks ago. They are a bad idea before sleeping though because I woke up at five am wide awake and still very drunk.

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My liquors/spirits of choice.


A top notch gin, perfect with tonic. My usual port of call nowadays for if I want a drink that isn't stout.




A fine replacement for the above.




If I don't want gin and I'm feeling like I want to abuse my liver, this is my regular. Perfect with 7up/sprite.




This stuff is amazing. Its bison grass infused vodka and is delicious with apple juice. Tastes kinda like strudel.



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That pinnacle whipped goes great with root beer schnapps.


Anyone tried patron xo cafe? I like it, it's a coffee liquer made by patron. They also make a good orange liquer called citronage, which goes great in a patron margarita.


Oh man, I used to love Patron XO. I used to put a little in my morning cafe con leche at work (what? every cool kid was doing it!)...or just a little drizzled on some vanilla ice-cream. YUM!

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Man, I am loving this new trend of interesting flavored vodkas. Pinnacle has come out with cake, cookie dough, cotton candy, chocolate, and key lime pie, there is a bacon flavored, smirnoff has a marshmallow flavor, and three olives has bubble gum, cola, and cake flavors as well as one called loopy that I just bought that tastes exactly like fruit loops. Too many to try at once! Or well actually to buy at once, I could try them all if I had the money to buy that much vodka. If anyone tries any let me know how they are, so far I've only had the whipped that I've mentioned before I believe, the chocolate, cotton candy, and loopy. Ray might have to chime in because I think she has had the pinnacle cake, but I know she has had whipped for sure.


Oh and I hate texas' stupid liquor laws because I want a mimosa and have no champagne and it's before noon on a Sunday :(

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