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Just getting back into comics...


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Thanks to comixology.com's app I've rekindled my intrest in comics. I used to collect them and stopped when I was like 13/14. Somewhere I have the death of Superman story arc and a few #1's. Also Magneto#0.


Anyway, digital comics, huh? I have mixed feelings, but all in all, I think digital is the way for me to go now. While it lacks the touch and feel of paper and ink, keeping them in acid free bags and boards, it more than makes up for in portability. I can read them from my phone or the computer.


Any recommendations? I gotta read preacher. I am reading Y - the last man.

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We've had a lot of talk about Comixology in the digital comics thread, I'm a big fan myself. The fact that it just got someone to start reading comics again, especially when frequenting a message board with a comic themed name for years didn't do it, speaks volumes for the service.


It just earned a little more respect from me.


I'm catching up on Walking Dead right now, they have the trades up for $9.99 (pretty reasonable).


The first issue of Ex Machina is also free, worth seeing if it hooks you.


Planetary is excellent. WE3 is short and sweet. Fables is pretty grand.


I could go on for awhile. Comixology has a lot of "must reads" in their library. i'll let some other people take a shot.


REALLY happy to hear you're reading comics, and you picked a damn fine one to start back up with.

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I've seen comixology being thrown around a lot here. Gonna have to check that out cause I really wanna discuss comics here, but I'm just so behind and can't keep up with how fast the stories seem to be moving.


I'm not one to recommend stuff alot (the guy above is pretty much my resource) but I read a book called Incognito which I really liked. Woverine Origin and Old Man Logan were pretty cool too. Garth Ennis' run on the Darkness is great also.

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You should read the Age of Apocalypse storyline because 1) You seem to be into superheroes and it was a good superhero story and 2) It's become a touchstone of the comics conversation while you were away, so you'll kinda need to know what it was about to talk X-men a lot of the time.


Some random highpoints of the last 18 years: The original Authority, Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Bone, Ghost World, Kingdom Come, Superman: Red Son (I didn't like it but it's talked about a lot), Dark Horse's Conan, Fables, Hellboy, Garth Ennis's Punisher, Runaways, The Losers, Umbrella Academy, Top Ten, Powers (volume 1 at least) and Kevin Smith's Daredevil run.


You can see my own 'returns to comics' thread for a briefing on what I liked and didn't like in *recent* comics.

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I got a kick out of Red Son. I wouldn't put it on a "must read" list or anything, but I wouldn't put AoA on there either (the years have not been kind).


Jumbie, is the Red Son thing perchance another case of disagreeable and preposterous politics ruining a story for you? Cuz let me tell ya, the way I see it the flaws with communism practically disappear once you add a being with godlike powers into the equation.

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hold your tongue - AOA ages like fine wine, i'm certain! i will not re-read it, for i know this to be true.


i was gonna say that he might be salty that

his boy bats got taken out

, but dude exited a hero.


im assuming it might have to do with the ending -

either Millar copping out (i kinda forget the details) or on Lex being a hero without supers taking the limelight

or something. knowing jumbie, i could be totally wrong on all counts.

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I actually don't remember the details of why I didn't enjoy it, just that I was underwhelmed and unimpressed and kinda bored with it. I'd actually seen the Superman raised evil Elseworlds before like the one where he ends the American revolution and extends the British Empire into modern times and I think there was even a Supercommie alternate timeline story told before this if I'm not mistaken.


Tell you what, I actually OWN a copy of Red Son because of my brother, so I'll give it a re-read at some point and get back to you guys.


And Logan, I do NOT write off books for their politics. I just recommended the original Authority to Ben in the very thread even though it's got lots of objectionable politics about Capitalism being unsustainable etc. And my objections to Rising Stars, which started this whole image of me, apparently, came AFTER I praised the book for solid characterisation and plot and I never called actually called it a bad book.


About AoA not aging well: No comic does. Not even Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns. But I think I need to recommend to Ben stories that will get him up to speed on the comics conversation along with the good comics, so he needs to read mediocre stuff like AoA and Red Son to have some context for the books he reads and for bullshitting comics with us here.


Also, Ben, forgot to add: Get ahold of Sin City, and Sin City: That Yellow Bastard.

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And Logan, I do NOT write off books for their politics.


I'm just giving you shit homey. For the record, the amount of comics you've read and your herculean efforts to spread them to those that may otherwise never know they existed puts you permanently on my "cool guy" list (no matter what NZA says).


I think "underwhelmed" is an excellent way to describe how I felt reading Red Son. It's just cool enough to make an impression though. NZA is right about the ending, Millar totally cops out.



There are no "Bad Guys", which I liked, but OWAIT LAST MINUTE VILLAIN! BRAINIAC! AAaaaand defeated.

I did like the idea of Jor-L being a descendant of Luthor and Krypton being Earth in the far future, so he kinda salvaged it a bit there



About AoA not aging well: No comic does.


WHOAHOHO! And here is where we part ways. I strongly disagree with this. There are many, many books that life experience and a perspective skewed by the years have made a far richer experience now than they were when I first read them. Just off the top of my head:

The early Palomar stories in Love & Rockets. Peepshow. Jaka's Story. Yummy Fur. Metamorphosis Odyssey (Vanth pre-Dreadstar, because Dreadstar got pretty retarded). David Boring. Metropol. FUCK! There's so many!

I think maybe the problem is that we read a lot of comics that are skewed to a younger demographic, and when you're in that target demo they're the SHIIIIIIT, but when you're out of it they can seem pretty one dimensional and occasionally patronizing.

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