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O & A clips are pretty much Patrice at his best.


I literally download and listen to the show every day, but I make an effort to keep that particular obsession away from the board. And it's a roundabout reason I've avoided talking in this thread.


When the show is at it's best, it's just buddies hanging out and shooting the shit. There's no Fred writing jokes or planned bits. Just some (hopefully intelligent and/or funny) people talking about whatever happens to come up. There are certainly a lot of guests that are just plugging something as they make the talk show rounds, but that wasn't Patrice. Patrice was a friend of the show, and it was clear.


Because of the often revealing nature the conversations take, you learn a lot about someone. Probably more than I know about most of you. And, despite it being one sided, there's this irrational feeling that you know them. I can intellectualize it perfectly well. I know these people aren't my friends and would likely be uncomfortable if I treated them like they were.

But when Patrice died, it felt like I lost a friend. It still does. He was one of the most effortlessly funny, interesting comedians out there, and he was just starting to get noticed by the world at large. I can't even listen to these clips without getting kind of upset, as silly as that is. I played the "Greatest Story Ever Told" just enough to confirm that it's the one I had hoped it was, and turned it off satisfied.

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