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It's like everything NZA hates all rolled into one.






Based on those screens, I'm not even kinda sold. It looks like a generic MMO in the Elder Scrolls universe, which isn't really anything special.

If they want to do it in a way I care, they need to make it like an Elder Scrolls game and add a bunch of people to it. And they might, it's early yet.

We'll see.

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I like it a lot more on consoles than on PC. The lack of a text window had me dubious,because how the hell do you MMO without that? There's just proximity and group based voice chat. But I likes it. Makes it feel more like a traditional ES game, just with a bunch of lunatics jumping around. Personal loot means ninjas aren't a problem, so I'm basically playing this single player and occasionally grouping up with Kierce.

We got it on both consoles, but I haven't made a toon on PS4. There are typical launch window server problems, but they do seem less severe on PS4 from what I've observed.

You'll probly dig it man. It's fun.

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