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KC Chiefs player kills girlfriend, offs self in front of coach


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says yahoo sports:


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player fatally shot his girlfriend early Saturday, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager, police said.

Police spokesman Darin Snapp said the player killed his girlfriend and then went to the team practice facility, where he shot himself. He did not identify either the player or his victim.

Before turning the gun on himself, the player thanked Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel for all they had done for him, Snapp said.

Authorities received a call Saturday morning from a woman who said her daughter had been shot multiple times at a residence about five miles away from the Arrowhead complex.

''When we arrived, a lady informed us that her daughter had been shot multiple times by her boyfriend, by the daughter's boyfriend,'' Snapp said. ''She identified him as a Chiefs player.''

Snapp said a call was then received from the Chiefs' facility.

''The description matched the suspect description from that other address. We kind of knew what we were dealing with,'' he said. The player was ''holding a gun to his head'' as he stood in front of the front doors of the practice facility.

''And there were Pioli and Crennel and another coach or employee was standing outside and appeared to be talking to him. It appeared they were talking to the suspect,'' Snapp said. ''The suspect began to walk in the opposite direction of the coaches and the officers and that's when they heard the gunshot. It appears he took his own life.''

The coaches told police they never felt in any danger, Snapp said.

''They said the player was actually thanking them for everything they'd done for him,'' he said. ''They were just talking to him and he was thanking them and everything. That's when he walked away and shot himself.''

Snapp described the girlfriend as in her early 20s and that she and the player had a child together. He said the woman's mother told police they had recently been arguing.

Arrowhead Stadium has been lockdown since about 8 a.m.

''We can confirm that there was an incident at Arrowhead earlier this morning,'' the Chiefs said in a statement. ''We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.''

Kansas City is scheduled to host the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. The league has informed the Panthers to travel as scheduled because the game is going on as scheduled.

The season has been a massive disappointment for the Chiefs, who were expected to contend for the AFC West title.

They're just 1-10 and mired in an eight-game losing streak that has been marked by devastating injuries and fan upheaval, with constant calls the past few weeks for Pioli and Crennel to be fired. Things have been so bad this season that Crennel fired himself as defensive coordinator.

The Chiefs have been ravaged by injuries, led the league in turnovers, can't settle on a quarterback and are dealing with a full-fledged fan rebellion. The Twitter account for a fan group known as ''Save Our Chiefs'' recently surpassed 80,000 followers, about 17,000 more than the announced crowd at a recent game.

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Guys, it's Pancho. The first two letters obviously stand for Spider-Man. So...Spider-Man doesn't help? As in, makes you so upset, even Spider-Man doesn't put you in a better mood? Or Spider-Man doesn't hurt, as in, take a lesson from Spider-Man, we would never have done this kind of thing. Or maybe it's Spartan man dong's hot? It's definitely one those.

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Suck my dick, Ho?


BUt I want to say this, because no one else probably will. Fuck this dude. He was a childish, selfish prick and it is probably a better world for him killing himself. "OMG I had a fight with my girlfriend!!" So instead of being a man, he just shoots her multiple times. Then instead of being a man, yet again, and facing the consequences of his actions he takes the easy way out and shoots himself. At least he saved us the tax money of having to support his ass in prison.

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If she was possessed by a demon he would have had no reason to kill himself. Every scientist and theologian in the world would want to talk to him. But maybe she was possessed and he caught a glimpse of its true demonic self that caused irreparable damage to his psyche and he had to kill himself to stop the voices and terror....I never thought about it like that. Maybe I did judge to quickly.

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Sports writer Dave Zirin's take on the NFL's reaction.


You know, Mortiis, the rate of suicide and domestic violence has been going up among NFL players, and there is mounting scientific evidence showing the correlation between brain trauma and concussion and these behavior trends.


Football used to feature normal humans throwing their bodies has hard as they could into each other, but steroids have changed that. Helmets are great at protecting skulls, but not brains.F


In its early days, football was a very dangerous sport. Every year there would be dozens of deaths and hundreds of serious injuries. Of all people, it was Teddy Roosevelt that saved the sport by urging its reform.


The NFL is the biggest cash cow in the history of sports, and the organization has been scrambling for years as the scientific evidence mounts that the game has changed as the players have gotten bigger, trying to keep this story off of the public's radar. There have been 4 NFL player (2 former, 2 current) suicides in the last 8 months.


There is no evidence Jovan Belcher has any violent/aggressive history or tendencies. I think it may be a rush to judgment that he was just a selfish, childish prick. It is quite possible he was not right in the head, and that it might be due to on-the-job injuries.

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I will agree that playing football, in the long term, probably causes serious brain injuries. But after a little googling, he started playing football in or around 2001. We can arugue when or where or how much brain damage he MAY have recieved, but until there is evidence that he did have SERIOUS brain injury I am not going to accept that as an excuse for murder. And while there have been a number of suicides of former NFL players, I don't think you can point to brain damage as the main or only contributing factor in causing them to commit suicide. That is like someone walking into the road without looking, being struck by a car and killed, then when an autopsy is done, some drug is found in their system and everyone going, "Oh yep, that is why!" Person couldn't have been impaitient that one time, or just didn't look that one time. It is definately the drugs fault, because I mean he crossed streets all the time and never got hit.


Also as to no evidence of violent/agreesive history, there is. The Chiefs had "bent over backwards" trying to get him and his g/f counseling for there on-going fights over money and other issues. Not to say he was the instigator in every instance, but there was obviously some history. And sure couples have fights, but most not to the point where you need on going counseling.


I am claiming he was selfish, because anyone who kills themselves is. It is a VERY selfish act, but one I think people have a right to. I said he was childish because instead of walking away, taking the higher ground, or any number of other options available to him, he murdered the mother of his child. Then after he did that, instead of owning up to it, he kills himself. Sure he wasn't right in the head, as I don't think many who kill others or themselves are, but that is no excuse. And until some evidence is found or presented that he did indeed have some brain damage or other attributing factors as to why he would commit a murder/suicide I am going to think of him about as highly as I do of those who rape babies. I am sure there are a MULTITUDE of reasons child rapists rape children, but is that any excuse? Why should it be with murder?

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