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Best Marvel NOW! Book


Best Marvel NOW! Book  

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Hawkeye and Dark Avengers (the real Thunderbolts) are the only ones I look forward to, though I haven't been reading Superior Spider-Man because I'm still working on 1970s Spider-man at present. I have read Thunderbolts, Indestructable Hulk, and Morbius and they're all forgettable. I need to get around to Deadpool, it looks fun.

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I've only read 6 of these. 4 of them was just the first issue. Superior Spider-Man I dropped a couple of months ago.


So All-New X-Men is the only one I actually read on a monthly basis.


And it isn't particularly great or anything. I just read it anyway.

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i checked all the ones i currently read:


Age of Ultron - again, feels like Avengers AOA

All New X-Men

Avengers - fuck you, it's Hickman

Cable & X-Force - i love Cable but will not recommend this book

FF - Fracion + Allred, way more fun than usual FF


Indestructible Hulk - Waid, with a Walt Simonson Thor crossover last issue

New Avengers - again, Hickman + Illuminati shit

Superior Spider-Man - surprisingly enjoyable book, no idea how long it'll last but Spidey 2099 is coming!

Thor: God of Thunder - standout book of the lot so far, hopefully current arc Godbomb delivers

Uncanny Avengers - Remender's not bad, i dropped this after # 1 because of the direction the last page took, but it's currently on some Apocalypse shit so im stuck

Uncanny X-Men - Bendis & the fallout of Dark Phoenix thing, with Cyk/Magneto's team


gonna try Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers later

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i read # 1



had to have that "THIS AINT YOUR MOMMA'S FURY!" twist at the end, which wasn't as bad as the Uncanny Avengers or whatever one with Xavier's brain at least...gonna try more of it!



having recently caught up on much of cosmic marvel (i'm up to Thanos Imperative now) i think i can see why newt/co don't wanna read Nova though

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Nah, new Nova (while isn't ol Nova) ain't all that bad. If the last few years have taught us anything it's to stay away from Loeb, but this has some vintage Loeb written all over it. I mean, he names the kid Sam Alexander which was the name of his late son. He's writing with a heavy heart. It's ok so far.

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