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So the other thread I started about Strongman is gone, thanks Nick.


I compete for the first and most likely kast time in a Strongman competition in Tampa next Saturday.


More info to come about the sport and why I enjoy it and what makes it great for those who may not know much about it, even for those who don't care much.

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Event 1: Hummer Tire squat, 7 reps at 235lbs.

Event 2: Car deadlift hold -0 seconds

Event 3: Medley, 150lbs per hand farmer carry for 50ft, check, 115lb push press, check, 185lb powerstair, check, 70lb one arm dumbbell push press, fail.

Event 4: Keg toss over a 10 ft bar, 20lb keg, check, 25lb keg, check, 30lb keg, hit the bar and failed, did not attempt the 4th keg, ran out of time.

The "woman" who took 1st is a national strongman athlete, 3rd strongest woman in america, whore, thanks for shitting on the amateurs. So I basically tied for second and got screwed by shady judges and sketchy scoring rules.

Bottomline, I did things. I never thought I could do. The squat even alone made me feel like a champ because I hate squats. Pictures to come, but that's the basics.

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