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Horizon Zero Dawn (Monster hunter done right)


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The project, which began back in 2011 and really ramped up production after the launch of Killzone: Shadow Fall, looks to be the most ambitious game Guerrilla has ever worked on. According to the studio, the single-player, completely open-world (meaning that anywhere you see, you can go) action-RPG falls halfway on the spectrum between the action-oriented open world games that Ubisoft has been producing for the past 7 years, and the most RPG-focused adventures that Bethesda works on.


You play as Aloy, the woman who was featured front and center in the reveal footage. Looking like something ripped straight out of Pixar’s Brave, she has a special bond with the mechanical beasts that she hunts. Guerrilla stressed that Aloy isn’t just a murderer – the way she connects with the raptor-esque Watcher when she performs a stealth kill shows the sort of relationship she has with the inhabitants of the crumbled world around her.


Throughout Horizon, you’ll be leveling up Aloy, crafting new items with the various materials you scavenge across the world, and visiting a King’s Landing-looking city that seems to be a safe haven from the machines that roam the wild. Guerrilla showed us a piece of concept art that featured a sun-baked city filled with a bustling marketplace and even some robo dogs that were just hanging around and not eating anybody. I can imagine collecting contracts, meeting other characters, and trading in my loot back at this hub.


Of course, as far as the core combat goes, Horizon seems to deliver an incredibly intense experience. Watching Aloy set up a series of tripwires across two tall rocks, scaring a group of Grazers into running off, and seeing them set off the bombs and get completely blown apart showcased the neat sandbox elements that Guerrilla promised throughout Horizon. When it came to fighting the big hulking dino at the end of the demo, watching her target specific armor plates, shoot them off with her armor-piercing arrows, and attack the weaker core with a barrage of fire arrows cued us in to just how deep each of these massive encounters could be.

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I'm nearing the end of this one and I fucking love this game. The world is gorgeous and story is very well done. It has a really interesting viewpoint on religion and its implications, and one's realization of its bullshit. Plus robot battle are ALWAYS intense as hell, forcing you to use new weapons in each encounter and figure out new weaknesses and strategies. The game borrows alot from other games, not unlike Darksiders.


You've got your dialog wheels, collection quests, tower climbs for map unlocks, crafting. It is especially reminiscent of The Witcher 3, which I honestly am not a big fan of. But I feel like this one gets the open world right here without throwing a bunch of distractions at you. Looking forward to finishing it to see how everything plays out.

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yeah i keep hearing nothing but good about this one - this year's crazy, ive got RE 7 & Nier at some point, with Persona 5 next week...i'll get to this one eventually!


and yeah WItcher 3 was praised like the second coming, it's on the list too...after i finally play 2, since i gave up on 1 a while ago

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Just finished this one! Underwhelming ending, but overall the game was a blast. Just fantastic gameplay and a beautiful world. Parts of the story are really cool amd others are very meh. Some people's mileage may vary.

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