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I believe we did have a pre-Tim G-pocalypse thread.


S1 was just binge-watching nirvana.

S2 started off strong, but I really struggled to finish the season. It ended pretty damn well though.

S3 I haven't heard much buzz about really, but it is in line after I finish Orange is the New Black S3 & Penny Dreadful S2.

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If allegations against Spacey caused the suspension, that's unfortunate. Not for him, he deserves it, but for the rest of the cast, and especially the crew who rely on that paycheck. I've worked in TV and I know exactly how devastating it can be to have a production go under unexpectedly. It's always a possibility but you're never really prepared for it!

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Longtime fan of the show. I'm thoroughly confused by Spacey-stuff affecting production of season six because

content spoilers

Frank Underwood is quite literally a supporting character now and could easily be killed off-screen via several convenient channels like his liver failing, another assassination, etc


Sidebar which doesn't warrant it's own post: Though I've always been sceptical of the moral fibre of anyone generating wealth in the entertainment industry, Spacey's implication in shady stuff really bums me out. My daughter's godfather knows people who know people and has told me for years that he and Singer had teams of twinks(his phrasing, he's allowed) coming through their hotel when they were filming Superman Returns way back when, but the word was that it was purely consensual so it wasn't something I paid attention to, though my man has always considered Spacey a POS so maybe he knew more than he said.

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Current season of House of Cards contains the following(spoiler free)


* rawdogging Kevin Spacey/Frank Underwood at every chance(cut him out of the recap as much as editorially possible too)


*The most meaningful dialogue I've seen post #metoo, about the expectation moving forward- the whole season is very meta and aware of it's precarious position as a popular work with a very troubled protagonist


*Honestly it borders on a Tarantino--style revenge pic for #metoo and is fantastic.



Best part is, the show has followed a trajectory laid out from ep 1 with minimal interruption from the Spacey revelation.

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