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Finding Dory


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Awww - I liked Monsters University. It's Ed Wood - dude's passion and ambition far exceed the reach of his actual talent. "You lack something that cannot be taught. You're not scary..." My heart dropped. It's nothing at all like Monsters Inc. Points for being different - this is rehash.


This is like some, direct-to-video venture. Mega m'eh. Pixar can put out stuff I have zero interest in - like Planes and Cars. 'Up' barely made it into my library - it is soooo damn sad. LOL


So far, this one looks like it's gonna be for the kids to eat up.




I'm waiting for that Incredibles 2 trailer.

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This was a boatload of meh. The whole thing was centered around her forgetting shit and remembering shit and indeed stretching that joke out for way too long. Marlin and Nemo were the best thing about the movie and makes you remember why the first was so good. You LIKE those characters. It had some decent moments, but overall it just wasn't very good. Kids will eat that shit up for sure though. Plus it's Pixar, so it's loaded with real heavy handed moments meant to manipulate you into feeling some emotions.


I'm kinda worried what they're gonna do with The Inredibles 2 since the first one was so fun, and these movies stopped being feel good back at Toy Story 3. Yeah I said it!

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I liked it more than you, axels. I thought the CGI in 3D was absolutely outstanding. I also saw a behind the scenes featurette about the CGI tech that was developed for Hank the septopus, which is probably my favorite character in the film. I love the emotional and physical journey his character undertakes in the film. Oh, and Stringer Bell and McNulty as the sea lions is just inspired casting.


Fuck off, Gerald!!!





Dory wasn't my favorite character by a longshot in Finding Nemo, but she definitely won me over in this film. I like how they focused on the real struggle she had with her memory and it wasn't just treated as a comedic gag like in FN. I was all ready to give Pixar props for showcasing, in essence, a mentally handicapped protagonist and her real struggles. But then they really Disneyfied the condition at the end there. But despite that and the whole "retread" aspect you get from a sequel like this, I found it a really enjoyable film. This was up there with Deadpool as one of my favorite movie-going experiences of the year.

(How's that for running the gamut in taste?)


Oh, and the animated short before the film, Piper, was fucking gorgeous.



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