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Just curious where people were on this. Personally I hardly ever keep a box or package. Unless it's a game console or something practical, I don't see a reason to keep it for myself. I just like seeing my stuff on a shelf looking nice.

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Hell yeah, I take 'em out. Life is short - there's no special prize at the end if you've kept your stuff 'un-depreciated'. LOL - I wanna hold it and 'pro-acti-ppreciate'...it...mine.gif


But, I totally keep the board / packaging. That stuff looks nice. Recently got about a dozen Amiibos. I used to be careful and just peel the bubble from the board - hoping to minimize that ripped cardboard ring. Since I got a batch of Star Wars Infinity figures, I've been using a scalpel to carve the bubble out - leaving that plastic ring intact, flush and part of the board. World of difference.


I keep all my boards n' boxes (once I've carefully flattened and folded 'em) in a big binder.

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I've always kept things in the packaging. Partly so the value didn't depreciate (even though I don't really plan on selling anything) and partly to keep them from being chewed by animals or otherwise damaged. It wasn't until I met Nick that I finally took a toy out of its packaging. He convinced me to take my Mystic Donatello out of the plastic. It felt so weird and I made a huge production of the whole thing! Haha! But I suppose it is pretty cool to actually be able to hold it and use the different accessories...

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It depends for me. There are some things that just look cooler in the packaging to me. Funko's ReAction series is a great example of this. But some things you just have to remove from the packaging. I used to keep blister cards of opened figures, but not anymore. I much prefer the "collector friendly" packiging most $20+ figures are packaged in now days. Blister cards are my nemesis. Back in my peak 3.75" action figure phase I was buying two of each figure--one to take out and one to display in packaging. Not to sell, mind you, but to display as well. It was a problem, but one thankfully short-lived. So, I feel your pain Donatella. ?

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