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Worst/Most Disappointing Game Endings


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*I suspect there will be many spoilers in here. Tread lightly.




So I ended up buying Destiny. It was 40 bucks on Amazon with all the dlc so not a bad deal. I've only been playing it since yesterday and apparently I just beat the last "story" mission that was in the base game. The plot is pretty non existent and after fighting a bunch of dudes then ending on a 3 stage boss battle that felt like a mid way point if anything, the game gives a cutscene and ends (prior to the story DLC it came with).


Luckily I have a lot more content to get through so for me it wasn't as bad, but holy shit, if I bought this at launch I would have been pissed! That was the lamest I've ever seen a story of any kind end.



Another entry would be the end of Psi-ops. Fantastic fucking game, but the way it ends, so pretentiously as to think it's going to get a sequel was bullshit. No video game should end on a cliffhanger, at least not one that doesn't wrap up the current story.

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That's one I always regretted not finishing, even after reading about it.

Apparently Soul Reaver 2 and to a greater extent, Defiance, ties it up nicely, but still video game cliffhangers are just all around crappy.




Both Darksiders games deserve a spot here too. I love them to Death :Shalit:, but storywise it hasn't lived up to what the first game promised.

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didn't play 2, but i should! also, we could talk forever about how shit/arbitrary Mass Effect 3's ending was


i mean goddamn, talk about a letdown - oh and as an MGS fan? 4 took an hour and a half just shitting all over the series' legacy - i might be in the minority there, but the retcons/etc were just ugghhh

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