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Prince Dies at 57


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One of my favorite Animaniacs clips because they really gave zero fucks back in the day! Totally thought of this when I heard.

I thought the Kevin Smith clip would be my all time favorite, but the zero fuck givings of the ANIMANIACS writing staff trumps it.


Also, MTV actually went back to playing videos for one day in honor of Prince. Back in the day before the Interwebs, a good Prince video was as close to pr0n as most of us could get.


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99 items found in Prince's secret vault


When Prince passed away on April 21, 2016 it not only left a giant purple hole in the hearts of music fans worldwide, it also launched a fascinating new mystery: What’s going to happen with Prince’s vault?


It’s been long known to Prince fans and music insiders that The Purple One maintained a massive, secretive vault containing copious amounts of unreleased music, movies, videos, and as we’re coming to learn, memorabilia, and items of personal significance.


In the absence of a formal will, Bremer Trust, the executors of Prince’s estate, had to drill into Prince’s vault so they could properly assess its content. Though Bremer has not made its findings public, lists containing some of the items in the vault have already been leaking to the media.


Though many of these items are already familiar to Prince devotees, there’s a fascinating array of previously unknown recordings and projects that span Prince’s career and interests.


Here’s list of what we know the vault contains, so far:


The Rebels — A collection of rock songs done with members of The Time in 1979.


The Second Coming — Documentary film and live album from 1982.


Apollonia 6 film — A cinematic attempt to do for Apollonia 6 what Purple Rain did for Prince.


Sexy Drummrfunkr — Collection of drum solos by Sheila E.


The Flesh — Live jam sessions from late 1985.


Untitled Stevie Nicks duet project.


Prince and the Revolution: Dream Factory — Double LP project from 1986.


Camille — Fast-paced funk album from 1986.


Late Night Train — Shelved project with Sheena Easton who was contemplating a Rated-R image change at the time.


Crystal Ball — Triple LP that eventually got reduced to double LP Sign o’ the Times for commercial release.


Madhouse: 24 — Jazz fusion album recorded in 1988.


Sheila E.: Untitled 1989 album.


Replica Batsuit — Michael Keaton era design, built to scale, matte purple finish.


Untitled Apollonia house album.


Batdance Project — Remixes and expanded versions featuring Roxette as Catwoman.


The Time: Corporate World — Original version of what eventually became The Time’s Pandemonium album.


Untitled Chaka Khan project.


Rave unto the Joy Fantastic — Different than Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.


BMX motocross bicycles (4) — Painted purple. Unused.


Flash — Band featuring Margie Cox as lead singer.

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I want to see this batsuit. I'm curious for the Stevie Nicks duet album as well, Bindy.


Prince made a whole film and album for/with Appolonia and just vaulted it? Damn, that girl must've pissed Prince off big time.


Also, shelving an entire album of Sheila E. drum solos seems like the most sensible thing one could've done apart from never recording an album of nothing but Sheila E. drum solos.

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