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When I first heard they were making a Lego Movie a few years ago, it seemed like a cash grab. An easy way for them to sell more toys and rake in the dough. But then I caught it on DVD and was surprised at how funny and entertaining it was!




So I was excited to hear they were doing a Lego Batman movie and the trailers alone were better than anything DC's been doing for years.


NZA and I finally caught The Lego Batman Movie this weekend and it did not disappoint! It was hilarious, touching, and had sooo many fun references for adults/parents and Batman/DC fans. We were both wondering how they got the rights to all the different characters who make appearances! It was great.


How do you guys feel about the Lego Movie Franchise?

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Same exact boat. 'Lego movie? Mega-m'eh w/ a splash o' lame-sauce.'


I Redboxed it outta sheer...curiosity on that 'cg-but-made-to-look-like-stop-motion' approach. (shrugs) I wanted sumthing cartoony and new to go w/ my pizza. Not only did it look amazing - (it legit looks like photo-real stop-motion!) - but it was a smart, funny...cute yet, anarchic kinda thing. Really surprised it didn't just - 'not suck' - but, that I watched it again before returning it. I ended up getting it on blu.


Haven't seen Lego Bats, yet - but I'm probably gonna end getting it on blu when it's a reasonable price. I like the look and the sense of humor. I say, 'Keep 'em comin'.'


Panch and I where checking out the movie poster and discovered Billy Dee as Two-Face - that alone, made Lego Bats a must-see for me! LOL - I was tossing around what one-liner he's gonna deliver when he shows up,


"It's about time! I was promised two more sequels!" or "This one's for the fanboys!"

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Lego Ninjago looks pretty good too, and I'm not at all familiar with that spectrum of the franchise. As long as the movies retain the quality I don't see anything wrong with it. It may open the doors for some sort of wackiness like a Lego Star Wars movie or Lego Simpsons down the line.

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yeah, ive not seen the original lego movie, but this batman one was so much better than what DC's been giving us so far. which was funny, cause i remember donny & i seeing the trailer for it before batman vs superman and knowing this movie already looked more interesting


also, the golden/silver age shoutouts here were awesome! nevermind all the TV/movie franchise ones

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Oh shit, I didn't even know LEGO Ninjago was going to be another like Batman and The LEGO Movie


Justin Theroux, James Franco, Kumail Nanjiani, Fred Armisen, Michael Pena, Jackie Chan. I'm in.


I have to wonder if this weans we're getting weirdly good Guardians of Chima and Bionicle movies now.

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Saw the first Lego movie. Fun and inventive for sure.


The only problem I had was some of the writing.



For instance the ending and the message they seemed to be trying to shoehorn in that Will Ferrel was playing with his legos wrong. I mean, I understand that the point was to have the father and son brought together by the lego playtime, but it felt ironic that after a whole movie about 'play the way you feel and build it the way you want to build it,' the guy who want to play with it his way get's told he's the bad guy.


Also, on a secondary note, it felt like a cliche to have that father-son dynamic. I'd have been happier to see the son be the one who was a stickler for the instruction booklet and the dad want to escape the rules by playing freeform.


And the bit at the end where Morgan Freeman tells him that the prophecy was fake so he just has to believe got me puzzled because if that's the case shouldn't he have told him the prophecy was a sure thing? So that he kept believing



Oh well, still good stuff. Especially the visuals. When they do some of the 'height' shots, they really create a sense of height I found.

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He wasn't playing with them "wrong", it was his insistence that the son not play with them because he wasn't following the instructions was wrong. Emmit also wanted to follow the instructions but wasn't trying to stifle the creativity of the Master Builders. That's why Will Ferrell was the bad guy.

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