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Part of me is really excited for this, that would be the 2002 version of me. The me who really liked Unbreakable and was super craving a continuation of the story with those characters. However, M. Night Shamalamdingdong has always been his worst enemy. And the 2017 version of me knows how epically he can fuck something up. (I'm looking at you Lady In the Water, The Happening, and Last Airbender.) I'm really trying to dial back my hype on this considering how fast he's got the script out and already set to shoot. Hopefully, the financial success of his last two films on small budgets hasn't gone to his head and Glass will be something quality.



I'm a bit disappointed that the news articles gave away that bit of Split in the headlines.

Which articles? I feel like a 2007 comicbook/movie fanboy could still get away with that kind of spoiler indignation and have the highground, but in this brave new world of near immediate multi-platform releases you can't begrudge headlines that spoil stuff like the Unbreakable ties to Split after the film has both already been released on home video and the film's creator tweets about it.

However, I will say those headlines that reveal a character death or major plot point the very next day after first airing (and in some cases, websites revealing them the very same night they air) or just get released are inexcusable, and those writers and publishers are basically human trash that should be exiled to a remote island and burned with napalm. That I can get behind.

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There was like several articles that popped up on my FB feed that spoiled it. Having just seen the movie, it didn't personally bother me cause hey, I saw that shit, but I felt bad if anyone was considering checking it out and had it spoiled for them.


And yeah, day of spoilers - shit like twd has done is pretty much unacceptable.

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