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First R-rated movie I ever saw on my own. Biked to the mall one weekday afternoon during summer break and the guy at the ticket counter didn't care I was 12. It was awesome. Why the hell would I want to see a version where I can only focus on a tiny part of the content of the screen at any one time and the rest is a unidentifiable blur. Fuck 3D. It's a pointless gimmick they haul out ever generation only to see it shit the bed because it's a fundamentally flawed concept.

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Yeah - kinda hard to get excited about this. Interesting, no doubt - but...not really getting me pumped. I'd check it out as a curio - if I was at the theater and they were handing out free tickets.


T2 in upcoverted-3D...I'd be watching, waiting for those few scenes that 'kinda' translate' into 3D? That was my Phantom Menace 3D experience - it was all about that podrace and the final space battle. The rest was...dontgetit.gif


I really regret not catching Titanic in 3D - I thought it could potentially fully immerse you - making you feel like you're 'inside' - it's 'enclosed setting' kinda lent itself to an 'immersive experience'. Damn, I still really regret not checking that one out.


I'm inclined to just opt for the home version (2D blu) of that new prestine transfer (if it got a 'definitive' clean-up - like Titanic did, when it went 3D) - the picture quality in that trailer looked fantastic.

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I'm with you Nemo, T2 doesn't seem like it'd have much to offer in terms of 3D. Opening battle and Cyberdyne building escape would be about it, no?


Also agree with you on the Phantom Menace 3D experience being rather meh. My best memory about that film going experience in the theater was about eight of us went to see it and since the theater was almost empty we ended up heckling the film MST3K style.


Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D was absolutely amazing though. I don't think they ever gave Lost World or JP3 the 3D "upgrade," or did they, Nemo?

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I don't think they gave any of the JP sequels the 'treatment' - I think that would be financial suicide. LOL - it's an expensive, frame-by-frame process...don't think they'd see a return on the costs...but, I'd totally watch, 'specially if JP in 3D was worth it. I missed it - but have heard from several people that JP worked. (shrugs)


I also heard Titanic in 3D was really good - which is why I really lament missing out on that. I picked up the 'definitive blu transfer' when it left theaters. They need a prestine source to do the 3D treatment - so it got a state-of-the-art transfer and 'clean up'.


It would makes sense that T2 is gonna get a 'definitive transfer' blu release when it leaves theaters.

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