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A Thrid Spin Off

Frodo vs. Anakin  

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Crap, accidentally nulled my vote.


Well anyway, the other 2 were based on episode 2 and th e two towers so i'll go on those. Frodo's strength leis in his fortitude and his courage. Anakin is trained to defend and can use his anger to empower him if needed since he's teetering on the edge of the darkside.


No contest win for Ani.

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Hmmm, I dunno... Anakin's tall, Frodo's a hobbit...even with the Force, think of how many times Ani would miss with his lightsaber while Frodo quickly crawls between his legs. Plus, aren't you all forgetting something? Hobbit or not, Frodo does have the One Ring of Power. If fighting a Jedi isn't reason enough to use that ring, I dunno what is.

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Maybe not. But even so, by putting it on, not only will Ani not be able to see Frodo, but the Ring will call forth a bunch of Ringwraiths who will hack their way through anything that gets in their way...Ani, included. Now, I think Anakin is strong enough to beat nine Ringwraiths at once, but it would still take him a little while, giving Frodo a chance to stab him in the back with Sting or, even more likely, just run away - which I don't think any of us would blame him for doing.

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