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You guys mean Gotham Knight. I actually liked both Animatrix and Gotham Knight. (Plus I own them both)


This shit looks badass. If there's any Final Fantasy fans out there Joker here looks like Kefka from FInal Fatasy 6.

I mean they're pretty much just as maniacal and nihilistic as each other as well. 


Image result for kefka joker comparison


I think it would be awesome to see more western and Asian animation mashups.

This also reminded of a DC short with Batman.



If the Chinese Communist Party wasn't so retarded we might've seen cool shit like this. But the cultural revolution saw the end to that. Any cool animation that comes from China is most likely considered illegal.

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Gotham Knights had a couple of great ones, but a lot of medicore ones. It's kidna like how I felt about the Animatrix, I adored like 4 of the ones there (Ghost House, Last flight of the Osiris, The noir one with Trinity, and the Ninja scroll one) the rest I could take or leave. I can barely remember any of the ones in Gothan Knights. 


The Green Lantern: Emerald Knights anthology, now that one was dope!

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So, this is, BY FAR, the weirdest Batman story I've ever seen animated, but, I'll be completely honest... it wasn't that bad.


Punches are not pulled, though, folks. It's out there.


I watched it dubbed and this is probably the best animated Joker performance since Hamill. Seriously.

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