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A couple years ago I started collecting lapel/enamel pins and buttons. I foolishly put them on the outside flap of a messenger bag without buying more secure backings and lost a few, so I was disheartened. But I recently started up again, and found bags that have clear plastic windows that let you display pins from inside the bag, so you can't lose them (called ITA bags). So I'm back in the game!


These are my most recent purchases. I will have to catalog my entire collection soon. I have some really neat ones! Also, if anyone ever sees any online that you think I'd like, please please please tag me in them!!



My favorite pin-maker, Patti Lapel, has an awesome Blockbuster VHS series that speaks to me because she picks awesome titles and I used to work there so there's lots of cool memories here.



My Lydia Deetz quote.



The Wednesday one is also taken from a Mean Girls quote ("On Wednesdays we wear pink"). The Chipwich was thrown in as a free gift by the seller but I got lucky because I LOVE them!



The shaving cream can from Jurassic Park, complete with dino DNA inside!


I'm excited to have an excuse to photograph my collection and keep it all in one place! I'll get on that after Nick and I move. :)



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I've considered doing this, just cause they are so much fun. I even went so far as to place some display cabinets on my Amazon wishlist. I collected them in a small way when I was younger...I had some beautiful fairy brooches, a couple of Virginia Slim pins  that I ganked from my mom, but sadly they were all lost at some point

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Took a break from unpacking to take some pics of my pin collection! These are a few of what I have so far:



TV and movie pins. Halloween, Steve Buscemi from that 30 Rock scene, Die Hard, Clue, Troop Beverly Hills, Big Lebowski, Bob’s Burgers. 



Dark/creepy/mysterious stuff!






A corgi made by a friend, an anhinga (my favorite bird of all time!), the Kind pin that we got for free for attending the Women’s March in DC. 



Just got these, thanks to @Da Cap'n 2099 who tagged me in a post on IG! 



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18 hours ago, alive she cried said:

Some cool pieces there. Do you collect badges as well, or just enamel pins?


Thanks! Do you mean badges like patches that are ironed or sewn on? I have a couple but I don’t collect them! I’m all about the enamel pins! 

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They are called buttons here, although I imagine there is some deviation between the states. One section of one of my lecture for work deals with dialect differences. I have a map for the most common phrase for an outdoor sale of used stuff in an area (garage sale, yard sale, tag sale, sidewalk sale, boot sale . . . ).

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1 hour ago, alive she cried said:

But how do ye differentiate between these and buttons on a shirt?


That’s a good question and I’m trying to think of a time it’s come up but I’ve rarely gotten them confused. I guess we just get it based on the context! 


But yes, I do have a button/badge collection! I never meant to start collecting these but I do pick them up at specialty stores, get them at political events or on my travels! 






These are Nick’s that he has pinned to an Irish flag in our living room:




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