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The Way Of The Gun

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what happens when you take the writer of the usual suspects and make a writer/directer combo from him (Christopher McQuarrie)? Way of the gun.


This movie is about a powerful dangerous man, his wife, their surrogate mother, her kidnappers, and her bodyguards. (sounds like the cook, the wive, the theif, and her lover - junker probably's seen that one... we should speak on that too.) It's hard to tell the who's and whats in this movie from the beginning, but the viewer will quickly see that the movie's about the kidnappers and the mother. I like the way the movie twists and turns; not as powerful as usual suspects, but done quite well. I would call this an action/drama from the way it puts everything on the table. You get to see the inner workings of a kidnapping and how a crimelord would deal with it (indeed a very sticky situation that you normally wouldn't see a guy like that in.)


Not only this, but you gun fanitics will definatly get a kick out of this movie. There was great attention to detail and military tactics in this movie, apart from the array of weapons. Praises were dealt to this movie and the weapons experts by numerous people in the armed forces.


Overall, it's a great movie which doesn't give you an easy line to draw. There's a lot of gray area and ethics to think about here.

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fucking great movie, one of my favorites


i'm not a big fan of julliete lewis on the whole, but her performance in this did portray (as spiffy mentioned) a good portrayl of what a kidnapping is really like,


and also the way the actors handled the guns was very realistic, even for hollywood, i'm no weapons expert mind you, but i was impressed by the fact that pretty boy phillipe even handled the weapons with a seasoned pro


Del Toro (naturally) ithought looked like a bad ass, and id didn't expect any less from him, a stellar performance (and you even saw shades of a soft underbelly when he was nice to the woman they kidnaped) that man is sexy as hell, but wait, i digress..

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