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Passin the mic


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I-C up in the place to be, and i got what it takes to rock the mic, right

shouldnt try to clown on a down MC just cause you see that his ass be white...



Hah - Chiefy brings back memories...


"lets jam through with the shout that ya sendin,

tell me somethin, baby baby where ya representin?"


"I rock it to the west...i rock it to the....shit!" *click*


"Awww...well at least you tried, so Silk must clap,

ya gotta come on back when ya learn how to rap,

cause you's a

dodo head, you's a dodo head, you's a dodo head, you's a dodo head!"


haha...i miss that shit.


I say start shit with Junker, he's heard some decent shit, let's see if he can hang!

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UH OH! (drop a verse & pass time! to the beat Beanie Segal f Freeway - Roc The Mic)


It's Big Chief in the place w/ IC,

and I got what it takes to smack the ho's right.

You better watch how you post around herre

Cause I got a Mod panel to make your whole post jump.


I ain't got 60 minutes, only got 1 verse,

that's more than enough to make this shit hurt.

Sendin' stupid rappers to sleep with the fishes.

Eatin' out your sister while she does my dishes.

You wishin, someone would tell me to quit this

but I'd break his fuckin' jaw if he tried to interupt this

outstanding, super, unbelievable flow

I grab the mic, the punks hit the do' fo sho'.

Tie you to a chair, set your toes on fire,

I'll have you hitting high notes like you was Mariah.

Toss you out of a fast movin' car,

you'll be all over the sidewalk like a Hollywood Star.

It's the ChiefSlapahizzle mah nizzle,

an I'm lookin' for the man they call the I-Cizzle.

You better watch who's bizzle you fizzle,

or their man may come around and make you eat dizzle!


::pass the mic::

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(switchin the beat to "Black Sheep - The Choice is yours")


*Engine, engine, numba nine...

on the DD transit line...

if Chief's mic falls off, the track...pick it up, pick it up, pick it up...*


Punks wanna play up on the microphone,

but then it blows up in ya face - so leave it alone.

Dont know where to start - where should i begin?

been battlin with Chiefy like its HA-DO-KEN

Cant even make a dime off a freestyle rap,

but here i be, runnin shit with the C-F Slap

Spittin out lyrics, off the top of the head

solvin problems with the music, never usin the lead

Tryin to kick it with these texas girls around the way

but its all "i got a man.." like theyre Positive K

or they got bebe's kids, and then its "drive us here.."

who the fuck you think i am, ho, Mr Belvedere?

ya need to get a job, you aint even alla that

and tell ya friend to stop callin, cause her ass's too fat

droppin this one straight for the C-F-S,

another MC with style & finesse

dont know how to pass the mic, i cant even lie...

so to borrow from the FuSchnikens - A B C-ya, bye

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Anyway, thought we needed a thread for anyone who felt like jumpin on the mic without beef...this thread, you can rhyme on anythin you want.


So...havin a bad day, traffic sucked, fail a test etc? Or maybe a good day, feel like rhymin on it? Drop somethin in here, the "no beef" zone. Test your skills or talk about nothin at all, any battles that ensue will be moved anyway. Much :heart: in this corner; i dont wan anyone thinkin raps & freestyles all have to be angry & shining on others, there's a lotta shit thats just out there (like these) for fun.

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Pass the mic like Boone's, verse 2 (to the tune of KRS-1 "Step into a world")


Back on the spot with the skills to rock,

got the style in stock like its kept in fort knox

givin lessons on the clock, knockin fools out the box

i make the bully of the block, move and get new locks

I to the C, so cool, this shit's frozen

aint no need for a poll; im the one youve chosen

comin real on this mic; aint no fake shit, right

wanna see a real G? besta ask Vanna White

just a cowboy, dont want no drama, you know?

pass on the 90210 type a ho's...

bitch, check the references, you talkin to the man

my ass is Def like Leppards, Squads or Jam

"got u'rself a gun"

but yo, stay home if ya strapped

if ya cool, park that ass like the spot's handicapped

DJ's in the spot know what time it is -

samplin Chubb Rock, Digital Underground or Biz

so dont hate, appreciate, when you hear me throwin spit

fake thugs who need hugs - ya need to quit that shit... *poof*





C-Couragous, or Carless

K-for the Katanas that i got; and i rock everyday...and why? why not

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My Struggle by a white man


Learning to drive ain't as easy as it looks

Avoiding crashes with some mad crazy flukes

You yanks got it easy wid yo huge wide roads

A trucks doing fine even wid its wide load

We got roundabouts much like your rotarys

'Cept they much smaller or as it seems to me

The cars move fast and the grannies unforgiving

Just coz I stalled BMW's be getting livid

So calm you down the L plates ain't there much longer

Soon I gonna be flying down the freeway doin 10 light years per hour



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Hah...good work MLB, keep it comin! Anyone else wanna freestyle? There's no requirements here, long as short as ya want, you control the rhythm, etc...cmon people give it a shot!


walk in the rain, and i dont get wet

travel through the desert and not even sweat

play in the snow, and not get cold

the style sounds new, but the school is old

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2track's back on the motherfucking scene

Making more money and spending that green

Plugging my shit at Garveys with buyers

Shooting all the motherfucking, playa hating liars

And you motherfuckers say my shit ain't fresh

Yo, I heard that shit bitch and that shit is a mess

'Cause you ain't squat but I'm lyrically devine

So step off bitch and stop-a-wasting my time


I'm the slickest, the phattest, the dopest M.C.

And I smoke like the Upsetter, Lee Perry

So there is me on the back of the bus

And I sees this bitch and I know that I must

Go down to her and talk my shit

Whisper in her ear just a little bit

Now I didn't have to say Thank you and please

And before I knew it, bitch was down on her knees


She a spot on her ass and peoxide hair

She had a bigger fucking gap than the ozone lair

I said "Girl I don't wanna even know your name"

She said "Damn, my man, yo I feel the same"

So we go to my crib and I take out the ribbed

And we fuck and we fuck like it ain't no thing

But after about 3, 4, 5, 6

I ran outta the rubbers to put on my dick



So I'm feeling bad a few weeks later

And I'm at an apointment and I'm waiting

To plug my shit to the doctors room

And if I'm leaving in a minute that ain't too soon

I'm looking at 5ives big pimping Abs

And I'm scratching in my undies 'cause I gots crabs

So kids turn off that shit 'Flubber'

And if you're ever gonna fuck use a rubber

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I think I feel more stupid having listened to that... :P


Seriously tho, some good rhymin'


I'm looking at 5ives big pimping Abs

And I'm scratching in my undies 'cause I gots crabs


Thought you'd prolly made it up but with that observation it gotta be real. What where they doing, advertising sex changes?

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Str8 outta Dublin

Crazy motherfucker named 2track

Once the bitches taste his dick they never go back

To their boyfriends that they playing

Have a couple a drinks and end up staying

In my bed

Making love

Lift my fingas up let you smell the glove

on my hand

ain't that grand

But now the motherfucking boyfriends wanna make a stand

I say "fuck you" standing up to me

take out my gat and cream these mothers like in hurley

I knock those fuckers all out dead

What they get is a sliother in the head



(Wow I got to referance NWA, Spinal Tap and the fastest sport in the world in one rhyme!)

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Beauty and Bin Laden


Now motherfuckers let me tell you a tale

Of a gal I know and a dangerous male

Alls she needed was a guy

Damn Dane, this ho be outta her mind*

Now she was watching on T.V. the Al Jazeera

And she saw a shonky guy who she wanted to get near ta

His beard was fly and his towel phat

Though the sandals he wore were kinda cat

So she hopped on a 747

Like Jessica Biel she be in Seventh Heaven

'Cause soon she got out to da ‘stan

And she be closer to her terrorist man

She searched in every cave and hole

She spent all the money that she got off the dole

But Osama B she did not meet

She got real sad, yo and binded her feet





*I've outdone the 5ive rhyme with a reference to Truesteppers ft. Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham's classic U.K. Garage track "You're out of your Mind". In the words of Vic, "This tunes gonna punish you) :D

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I passed the mic but it came back

That's the magnatism of the 2track

Don't cut no slack

Don't lay rhymes simple

I pop your ego like I pop a pimple

I don't spread war, no I spread peace

And I philosophise like in aincent Greece

The radio spews all sorts of hate

And we gotta change that before it's too late

Homophobia, mysogony

And that shit just don't sit with me

And don't act like that shit don't matter

When you rap along to Marshall Mathers

"I say fag but I don't mean gay"

Gee, Em, is that what your publicist told you to say?

I'm sick of girls that be getting called bitches

I'll bust you fucks 'till you need stitches

And what he wants he can say

Fuck censoring, free speech all the way

But sometimes the line just has to be drawn

Kill your bitch and leave the trailer at dawn

Is that wrong?

Can I put that in my new hit song

As long as it's poppy and kids can sing along

My voice is getting horse but I'm reaching my goal

The positive message like my boys De La Soul

And Will Smith too, yeah you say he's wack

But he won't put a gun to your back

A knife to your neck

He treats all the womyn with respect

'Cause every gal is a momma or a daughter

And the things you say make me wanna

Slap you down like you do your "hos"

Stand up to a man, I'll go to blows

But only if you blow me first

Ya like that, you got the thirst?

Oh fuck that shit was mocking the gays

Maybe I'm turning back the other way

The easy way to rap like you

Verbally gesticulate the things you spew

Not against the grain

But all the same...

No I'll maintain my stance you see

So step up and try rhyme back to me

And hey what's that shit that you say?

"2track, man you're shit is gay

"I'll blow you, yeah, blow you away"

And violence hasn't it stayed on too long?

Originality would be nice in your next song

But nah, that shit just wouldn't fly

Get back in line behind that guy

Now I'm sorry if my shit was a preach

But how else can I ever reach

Without making a statement once in a while

Instead of spitting up the same ol' bile

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Slip, slip sliding like Paul and Art

That is the way that this ryhme does start

But into the story that part be

And if ya peep the rest then you will see

How the things became that way

Listen up to all the games that I play

I met this girl out at a club

And she danced up beside me and started to rub

That booty so fine against my shit

I was sweating like a dog, no denying it

She looked so fine, she smelt so sweet

She was the flyest damn girl that you ever could meet

When the tunes slowed down we hit the bar

And pretty damn soon we was out in my car

She needed some one to take her back

to her apartment and shit and Jack

Was stopping me from taking the chore

And when we got to her crib we started talking more

She asked me in and I said "yo"

There was no other place that I wanted to go

Up her stairs we did begin

She led me into her den of sin

The lights went out, the candles were lit

And then she started all crazy shit

Now a gentleman is what I am

So the story itself ain't worth a damn

Cause I ain't gonna say halfa what we did

But we slip, slip, slided, yeah we slip, slip, slid

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