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Hondo's Bar

Passin the mic


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  • 2 weeks later...

Man, you guys are givin props to some sucky fat kid while 2T's passin the mic to himself...it aint right. Go on, 2T, ill drop a quick verse to back ya.


Saloon Doors: Layin' it down for Hondo's


"Ya'll want me? Come get me - what, ya'll 'fraid or somethin?

Scared today might be your expiration date or somethin?"

The Cowboy's back onna scene, its that number one vet

leavin a trail of dust and disappear into the sunset

the voice of Hondo's Bar, havin all these cats scurrd

one love & loyalty baby, please believe in this, word

hear my soul through my voice,

feel this spark and get moist,

grant you a full scholarship, to the graveyard of your choice

nowadays this spot's quiet, artists comin half-hearted

any funk this thread had, joined the dearly departed

but if i rhyme a lil lower, it wont go over ya head,

so here's the message kids: the lounge's comin back from the dead

no patos, no chief, no more MC III

I'm comin at it like Nas: just one mic & me

last 2 boards done died; so here goes try numbah three

lets go ahead and walk these dogs, and represent HB...peace



Patos_small.jpgIf a dope lyrical flow is a must, you gots to go with a name you can quickly trust

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IC yo dat shit was def

Props to ya boy, yeah much respect

But now it's time to lay my rhyme

I be knocking ya'll dead this be the scene of the crime

And another tale of love I will deliver

I'm a dirty ass dog, I be Baldwin in "Sliver"

See there is this gal that I wanna mack

She'll be feeling the flow with the 2track

I don't do no shit like going t'dinner

I be going for gold, I be an allround sinner

I'll put Marvin Gaye on the stereo

I'll be kissing her neck when we be dancing all slow


(to be continued...)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Str8 up Whack attack on Jack

Yo, Mike ya helped make a boy a man

I was six years old, you made me understand

You helped all da boys dat was living da streets

Wiff yo pimped out lyrics and yo uptown beats

When the young dawggs was looking to da pimps and thugs

Ya made dem see that all they needed was sum kisses and hugs

You wuz da only true blood who back in da day

Said "dang, my little bro you can't live dis way"

You made all da diff peeps feel like one crew

And now da 5-ohs they be targeting you

When there wuz only pain in this homeboy's heart

Ya helped me keep it together and not be falling apart

Da man tried to sell us you was changing yo face

They even threw it out dat you wuz changing yo race

We knew it all wuz lies it all be jealousy

But Mike I let you know youse always straight up with me

I be sick and tired bout all dese hyped up lies

They said you wuz whack, but you be one a da guys

So now dese hatas gots a new myff t'tell

Like dat devil Mottola they be straight outta hell

Don't let 'em beat ya down Mike, keep yoself up high

Dey always try ta diss ya, I can't comprehend why

I'm still representing, believe it fa sho

I'll be with you Michael where eva ya go

So ta close out dis rhyme I think I hafta say

We'll always be behind you to da end of da day

So ta close out dis rhyme I'ma hafta spill

You always come correct and you always will

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  • 10 months later...

I don't know but I want to give it a try here we go boyz....



Try #1 :D


I waltz my way, wit bling ringin' out my ear

I'm the shady girl

Wit pointed ears

I got black fur

Ain't always here

But youz don't mind while

I relax and release my delf

Drop bombs from here to the cultural room

I suprise you with plato's moves

Don't rant on a female if ain't know clue

Dis cool black cat just tryin' some new moves

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I am Abu Khaki from Pakistan

Under my nails is nothing but sand

Grow up and blow up one day thats the plan

I got the flyest Camel in all this land

Had to behead my wife, she wasn't stable

I caught that bitch showing of her motherfuckin ankle

From the United Arab Emirates to Bahrain I hold it down

Allahu Akbar! Yo that's the sound!

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Quick one.


::DJ Ario-Assault spins the instrumental, BIG f Meth - F* the World::


I used ta' chase the girls fo' the tits, now they try to

flee from the dick, but silly chickens can't escape this.

I'm harder than the ce-ment-mixed up with the water

got the 'kake aimed right at yo' daughter...

Smell that? Wack MC's just took a shit cause

when my crew hits I'm droppin' bombs like banana splits...

in a lactose intolerant tummy, think you funny?

Leave you hoppin' like the Easter Bunny.

That must be you I see your pink thong a mile away.

Come at me wrong, I leave you burnt like on Friday.

In my day, we used to scrap at the park on the corner

now the fools leaving people at the coroner.

They say to be the best you gotta go and beat the best.

Well if you try to beat the best you better bring a vest.

Because I don't take chances, while I was rockin'

shows, your crew was dressed in pink doin' dirty dances.

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  • 5 weeks later...

here we go try #2


Crazy kats wanta play me

Fools ain't never going to stop

But right here is the alpha omega of this rythm

Never ending cycle of rebirth at the tip of the draw


Players Grab yo guns if you love black kat

Ladies show these niggas who run the show

Players Grab yo guns if you love black kat

Ladies show these niggas who run the show

Its off I run the show and this happens every day


We sit here think about the things that happen

Why bush won the election and kerry lost it

Why are we at war with no purpose

Why oil gets to kill peoples families


But I don't know about ya'll but

This killa black kat knows what to say


Players Grab yo guns if you love black kat

Ladies show these niggas who run the show

Players Grab yo guns if you love black kat

Ladies show these niggas who run the show

Its off I run the show and this happens every day

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  • 1 month later...

"Fix my printer!"

"Fix my scanner!"

"I want to get the most

out of my e-planner!"


Shut the fuck up

You stupid little users.

You should all be reffered to

as local losers!


You cant understand

a word I say


Too technical, eh?


"The network is down

the internet is not enabled!"

Try pluggin in

The fucking cable!


I'm gonna get an ulcer

From drinking all this coffee.

These old ass babies

Are making me crazy.


I'm gonna change the toner

One last time

But then it's back to porn

Until lunchtime

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  • 2 months later...

Man, I got told about this place... *looks around in awe* Lovin' it...


1st ever attempt @ conscious rhyming...


Y'all preach about the souf like it's premierre

Try the mother-fuckin' southern hemisphere!

Representing my crew, I'm an army of one

got a possum in my kitchen an' my grrl on the run

she's a tight lil' ho, my own pieca munroe

but she's on the pill and blastin' like Mt Krakato-ah

don't wanna be near me, any touch makes her sick

an' she takes the fuckin' things 'cause she wants on my dick

so my rhyming is fucked, got no skill an' no flow

and my patterns are erratic like yoko ono.

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His game might be wack

but his pictures are tight

never thought he'd be the one

that would be passin the mic.


Chillin' on hondo's is how my days go by

reading up on werewolf

and making the bars run like clock work

so we can pass the mic


Jukebox used to stalk me

now I am wearing his ring

I bet you never thought that

I would do such a thing


He mezmorized me with his song

and now it seems that I long

for him to be near me

so he can play his records all night long...

Edited by SuperEeyore
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So that's three for three, kickin' sand 'round the box

When's a vet comin' in to show us how this shit rocks?

We be sweatin' the Nick, the Chief & the 'Track

We be fuckin' 'round an' playin' we don't know howta act

But give us our props, 'cause we're new to these beats

And my creepy-uncle-love will knock you yo' feet



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Skeeter and Super E are on form. :D



Bukkake on your face

Bukkake on your face

Don't waste none, the Catholic's on your case


Sitting on my jat watching some Kevin hit

They're coming dude, hurry up and build it

Ghosts and balls, but no Swayze

Both those guys be driving girls crazy

Paris and Kev give videos a shot

And after she says to Costner "That's Hot"

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One, two, three, and a four

That shit's been done

so I'm out the door


Fixing up the place with my mad gra-fix

Checking out the forum but it's on da fritz

Waiting till 5 so I can bust on home

Call my woman up on the phone


She's coughing and wheezing on the receiver

I tell her take some meds to that they relieve her

But she don't listen to a word I say

She just denies me and tells me "Don't be gay."


Arriving at home and I change my clothes

Sporting off my t-shirt and my JNCOs

We make some plans to go out at night

Makin-out in her room to Barry White :D


So it goes on

just another day

Got another coming

So i'll hit the hay.

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Ok, no more singing for you then! I was trying my very very 120% hardest :D but it's never good enough! Never!




A short one


Trying to be a bright spectacle

But I think it's gonna take a miracle

to stand out

You only get one chance to shout

That's what they say

So I gotta make this one count...

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  • 1 month later...

Yeah, cool to see more folks try this, was hopin to catch LL, MH, someone some time...since Freebird, most chicks wont give it a go, sadly. We got Eeyore and Kuro Neko tho, that's cool.


Let's test this thing, make sure its still on:


i show devotion, and thats with no emotion

if you know the movement, then you know the motion


lin.gif "and i got what it takes to rock the mic, right"

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  • 2 months later...

A quickie, cause that's how you hos like it.


hold a cold one, like he pack the gold gun, like he hold the microphone and stole the show, just for fun

I call my man "son" cause he shine like one,

unlike my grrl LL, who never ever gets to cum

tried to cesnor the style, but still come out explicit,

while a lotta bitches think he's overly-chauvanistic

but i say no to no maam's, sausage fests aint the plan

from powder rooms to raiding wombs, just cant stop the man

cuttin heads with claws of the finest metal alloy,

not Adamantium, more like a rhinestone (cowboy)....peace.


"My style is too developed to be arrested

It's the free-style, so now it's out on parole..."

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