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Patos Malos ("bad ducks") started in '95, most likely (as i recall) because on ODB's first album, this track he lays down with the RZA, "cuttin headz", he says he's hunting for ducks. I think it was either that we took it as an NES refererecne, or i honestly dont know what, but we thought it was a cool concept for some reason, and sounded interesting in spanish, alternate meanings aside.

Myself, Duads, Ario X, Cap'n, and Red Dog became members, while Donut jumped on as well, and years later, others inserted themselves as friends of the Patos and such. We had....interesting freestyles, and even duck names, i think i was Darkwing. It was awesome.

We were revived a few years back in an epic freestyle battle with MC III (Jont, KOS, and MLB i believe), many lives were lyrically lost, but it was a glorious battle. Only the realeast hip-hop heads know about Patos Malos, the underground kings.


You're messing up this interview though; we have to see your resume first, so spit somethin, and make it flow.

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Heres a short one for my first one in the 37th chamber. Ya know this place would be a lot cooler if we could have the acutal instumental that we flow to. So what I thought was I have a instrumental CD of about 21 songs, good ones too, and anybody that wants it, I'll send it to em. And what we'd do is pick a track of the week, or that person could just write their flow, and be like, this is a flow to track number whatever, and for the people who have the cd they could listen to it while they read the post. Get it? Just a thought.


This is to Camron, What means the world to me.


What means the world to me?

Well I’ll speak this perfectly.

You just mad, cause you can’t be me.

Lay low cause I pack dat heat.

Spot me creep in my four wheel Jeep.

Somethins sweet in the passenger seat.

Its your girl shackin up with me, dick so sweet, makes her talk in her sleep.

Who Dey, you know my name.

Miami now, but I’m Goshen raised.

Talk slick I’ll improve my aim.

Up close or a further range.

My god I’m off the chain.

Flows like this might hurt your brain.

Sorry for those aint feelin me, Off ya go, like smoke from a blunt piece.

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Wrote this one day on a sweet after-high:


Let the phoenix rise, and descend as ashes

This the sermon on the mount, words spoken to the masses

Spit rhymes so hot, flames dance on my tongue

Come let me lick you with it, enjoy yourself while you're young

Gray ashes in the bowl, so we blaze up an L

So high, is this how Lucifer felt before he fell?

Poor guy, used to live it up in the Silver City

Meant to hate him, but the most I can muster is pity

But all that goes up, y'know it's gotta come down

Like how today's metropolis is tomorrow's ghost town


I'm quick on the uptake, that's why I cough so hard

One hit from your glass pipe and I leave it in shards

Up, up and away, I glimpse the pearly gates

But before I can enter the heavenly glow abates

Like Dante, I've always had my own vision of hell

It's like hotboxing the world's worst L

Stems jut through and seeds burst within

While the damned sit around and sweat out their sins

But all that goes up, y'know it's gotta come down

It's like a bird can't float away but a fish can drown


And you can trace the tear stains right back to the Flood

Cuz the tears stained the pavement much darker than the blood

The pull of gravity plunges me into the Abyss

Teased with a taste of that heavenly bliss

I awake in the Pit, all amongst the rotten dead

An angel pisses from a cloud and it drips down on my head

Gon' be down here for a while, might as well make some friends

Find some closure if I can and tie up some loose ends

Cuz all that goes up, y'know it's gotta come down

Like the phoenix, or a smile that turns into a frown

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Bitch if you're feelin' froggy

then you better jump

but I gotta lot a tricks

in my mag-i-cal head lump

First turn's just a swamp

and then I'm done

don't get confident bitch

we've just begun

you play a forest

and your faggy ass elves

I see that little smile

you best control yourself

I throw down another swamp

and play my Dark Ritual

another hits the table

that's 6 mana in my pool

I play my lotus

and you shit your pants

I got money motherfucker

you don't seem to understand

This is type 1

we play hard and fast

you're lucky if you get a turn

before I rape you in the ass

I'm only holdin' 3 cards

until Ancestral Recall

now it's 6

your shit is lookin' pretty small

don't wear your daddy's pants

if you don't wanna play like a man

I play for keeps motherfucker

you don't know my hand

2 more Dark Rituals

and I Lotus 3 more times

I see that look bitch

the day is mine

it's just turn two

glad we played for money

I'm countin' it now

while I Fireball you for 20




Yes, I am hard as fuck.

I've been sitting here for the last 45 minutes trying to drunkenly concoct that.

If you get it, then you are a fucking nerd.

And you can be my friend.

I'll prob'ly edit this in the morning, I'm not even 100% if my math is right.


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Day in day out I be hearin' all dis hatin' onna bro

rather be layin' and doing some matin' witha ho

Yo, livin' da good life is what all dis is about

not with me, then just stand there and pout

dont bother me cuz I got my own plan man

yea look up to me now cuz I know you a fan


You get up stand up sit down sit back relax jack

see the clarity let your mind free then hit me back

this is the life when you ready for me i'll educate

people like you need to study up while i procreate

I got the moves booze and in da groove

got a sec ..... then watch this noob


spitta spatta pitta patta radda rappa

this quickie be done thats a wrap up





yea... im so white, but white and bored.

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Yeah I know it's a gun fight

and I brought a knife

don't fuckin' push me

I'll LimitBREAK you

like Cloud Stryfe

I stocked up on my plasmids

I'm spitting acids

like a fucking


now here comes the chorus

thwipp thwipp

snikt snikt

I'll pop a claw

In your noggin

in your heart

in your fuckin' balls

You can call me Frank

but keep the fuck off my castle

'Nam taught me to tank

and you're a low armor asshole

See my necklace?

It's got your mamma's ears

I"ll hit the Vats bitch

Yours say 95 percent, queer

I'll grab you like Bane

and snap you over my knee

and inject the venom

I bet you wish you could flee

but I'm droolin' green phlegm

no time for seeds or stems

or chemicals

just symbiotic release

the alien nightmare

black as your stinkin' teeth

I'm no aardvark

but you can call me Most Holy

Something fell

it's my fist on your fat canolie

I don't give a shit

if I get bit

by a spider

It gives me powers of journalism

to perform your baptism

by fire

Flame On bitch!

I just ate a flower

I'm throwin' fireballs

with my crazy powers

I don't need The Word

I turned off my Genesis

'cause Sonic's gettin' old

like your moms' saggy tits

I'm fuckin' you up and havin' a blast

I bought my scuba suit off the internet

so I can kick ass



BWahaha. This is fun.

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yo-yo... now..

-im in this beeeeitch

-keep up w/ my flow

yea-yea i see ya tryin but you done already know


just-one time for my folkz..

-thas gettin the dough

-passionzzzz in my blood

gottalet this thread grow


yo you see me flyin

-down the street in that lambo o mine

-yeapyeap you know im lyin

butcha can't blame me for tryin


last picture i took..

-was me lick-in a masarati

-so many plans to get that in my garage

just me n my posse


ps this sounds amazing in my head.. lemme know if u need me to record this for ya woot!!!!

illllll do it!

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