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What do ya'll think is the best soundtrack ever? I was thinking this might be an interestin' topic and hopefully it won't end with a hundred "PULP FICTION"s inna row.


My money is on "Rushmore". It's got Making Time by Creation, Concrete & Clay by Unit 4 + 2, Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' Bout That Girl by The Kinks, Here Comes My Baby and The Wind by Cat Stevens, Oh Yoko by John Lennon, Ooh La La by The Faces and what I think is the piece de resistance A Quick One While He's Away by The Who.


On top of all those songs and a couple others, Mark Mothersbuagh's score is there too and is pretty damn good. So go out and buy it damn it!! It's worth all your hard earned (or stolen) money.


Besides that I kinda like the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack....

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The Crow, obviously...The Saint has good techno on it, as did both Trainspotting cuts...uhm...i like Horner on Braveheart, but that might just be me (if were talkin instrumentals, Requiem for a Dream is fun).

Rap-wise, Above the Rim was memorable, odd ones like Space Jam and Street Fighter were surprisingly good.

Other rock stuff....Last Action Hero had some good ones...Does the Graduate with Simon & Garfunkl count?

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SOme great ones out there, the crow, spawn, natural born killers, and lost highway all have amazing industrial/gothic/hard stuff on em. American werewoolf in paris was a shit flick but that soundtrack got me into a lot of great alternative bands that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Stuff on that includes Cake, Buch, Caroline's spine, fastball, Sucide Machines, a bunch more. The Saint is very good like nick said. The Matrix had a fine soundtrack, lots of industrial on that too. Magnolia has a fucking great soundtrack mostly by Aimee Mann (I LOVE aimee mann, great folk/pop/rock stuff) and a couple supertramp tracks. The I am Sam soundtrack is great, big, ambitious thing that's nothin but beatles covers by Eddie vedder, sarah Mclaughlin, aimee mann, black crowes, I could list em forever. At least somehting good came out of that movie... Wes Anderson looks to have fine taste in stuff, the soundtrack's to rushmore and royal tenenbaums are full of cool stuff, older stuff usually, but obscure enough so it's not a greatest hits cd. Stuff like almost famous, forrest gump and the like are good, but its a whos who of classic rock, so I wouldnt go for those...

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Go actually has a pretty damn good soundtrack. I'm not really big on 'dance music' though. Wyld Style has some great old skool hip-hop on it and well worth a look for anyone into that sheat. I also wanna give Mallrats an honorable mention just for the fact it has SUZANNE by Weezer on it. That songs so good it makes it a must have.


"Even Izzy, Slash and Axl Rose

When I call you put 'em all on hold"



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