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New Protest songs only on Internet

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Some major recording artists have been recordign some anti-war songs and, not suprisingly, aren't getting any airplay. But as net-friendly music lovers, we have access to em via download. Here as some that I've heard of:


System of a Down - Boom! (Actually written about Gulf War I) written by Serj and Daron, the latter of whom still has family in Iraq.

Zach De La Roche (ex-Rage Against The Machine) & DJ Shadow - March Of Death, possibly the most unforgiving of the bunch, not suprisingly.

Beastie Boys (in their first new recorded song in three years) - In A World Gone Mad

John Mellencamp - To Washington

REM - The Final Straw

Lenny Kravitz - We Want Peace (recorded with Iraqi pop star Kadim Al Sahir, Palestinian strings musician Simon Shaheen and Lebanese percussionist Jamey Hadded)

Robbie Williams - Happy Easter (War Is Coming) [Homage to John Lennon's Happy X-mas (War Is Over)]


List any other ones y'all have heard of.

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Oops I forgot Madonna's "American Life." I'm not sure how anti-war the song is, but the video had Madoona throwign a grenade at someone strongly resembling Governer Bush. Leave it to Bush to actual make me hate Madoona alot less. When I start liking Madonna, even a little bit, you know best she shares one of my bitterest hatreds.


Anyway, she's pulled the video from release now that the war is actually under way, to support the troops. I'm a bit disappointed, but it takes balls to make that kind of video in the first place.

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Here are a few reviews of those songs I mentioned.


System of a Down - Boom! : Excellent for any fans of SOAD - 5 Stars

Zach De La Roche & DJ Shadow - March Of Death : If you like Rage, hearing Zach's voice will be a pleasure. Good, but not great - 4 Stars

Beastie Boys - In A World Gone Mad : Poor production, sounds very sloppy. Good lyrics though - 2 Stars

John Mellencamp - To Washington : Great lyrics! This belongs among the ranks of great protest folk songs. One of the best things, lyrically, I've ever heard Mellencamp put out, period! - 5 stars

REM - The Final Straw : I haven't been moved my this, but I'll keep listenign to it. REM songs often take me several listens to get to me - 3 stars

Lenny Kravitz - We Want Peace : Among Lenny's catchiest musically. I thought it was cool that he did a sound with arab musicians, but wasn't sure if it would work, but it really work very well - 5 stars


Haven't found the Robbie Williams one yet.




Eight years of peace and prosperity

Scandal in the White House

An election is what we need

From coast-to-coast to Washington


So America voted on a president

No one kept count

On how the election went

From Florida to Washington


Goddamn, said one side

And the other said the same

Both looked pretty guilty

But no one took the blame

From coast-to-coast to Washington


So a new man in the White House

With a familiar name

Said he had some fresh ideas

But it's worse now since he came

From Texas to Washington


And he wants to fight with many

And he says it's not for oil

He sent out the National Guard

To police the world

From Baghdad to Washington


What is the thought process

To take a humans life

What would be the reason

To think that this is right

From heaven to Washington

From Jesus Christ to Washington

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Some from the other side, less aimed at the current conflcit but very applicable:


Talib Kweli - The Proud

Nas - Rule

KRS-1 & Zach De La Rocha - C.I.A. (Criminals in Action)

Public Enemy - (fuck, pick a song)

Edwin Starr - War


etc..more to come.

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Found a few more:


Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) - Life During Wartime (not a cover of Talking Heads song of the same name): pretty good song, very honest.

Ani DiFranco - Self Evident : WOW! Ani has balls. Thsi is the most balls out song I've ever heard. Period. Download and listen to this song RIGHT NOW!

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That song was called Shoot The Dog 2t and by god it were shite


IC, you might be able to help me out, you mentioned Public Enemy there and they're playing Dublin next week and I was thinking of going. Problem is I aint ever heard a song but I do have a penchant for rap.


Any albums you'd recommend

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Hmm...to pick up or you mean you wanna download off Kazaa? Either way....


I think most agree "It takes a nation of millions to hold us back" was their classic, tho "Fear of a black planet" got far more radio play cause of singles like "911 is a joke", "Welcome to the terrordome", "Fight the Power" and "Cant do nuthin' for ya man".

You might dig "Apocalypse 91...the enemy strikes black", has one of my favorites by them "Cant truss it", "Shut em down", "Nightrain", and "Bring the Noise" with Anthrax.

Earlier stuff like "Yo! Bum rush the show" doesnt feel like theyre in their groove yet to me, and their stuff after these albums (excpet for "Greatest Misses", the hits one) isnt as strong..."Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age" i only remember liking a track or two off of.

If you want names of singles lemme know, but if its albums, focus on those three and you should be straight, if youre into em.

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DEACON the one I was talking about's not shoot the dog (and you're right about that one - fuck that song was painful) it's a new one (well it was new when I was in Eire, about two months ago). It's a live video in a studio. If that means anything.


I might record a song and put it on SoftCrisps in the fabled MP3 section. Possible titles "Smoking Crack wit My Man Gowge" or "Oil be back for Christmas".

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