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Best drug music


What music is best for 'mood enhancing'?  

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Whether it's alcohol, acid, ecstacy or pot, music makes it better.





For me, I've gotten fond of The Who's 'Sparks'. It's pure instrumental and lifts the soul. (I know that sounds wanky but you tend to think that way when you're high)

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Yo La Tengo - I can hear the heart beating as one


for Ecstasy exclusivley I'd advise playing these tracks

The Vaselines - Turn Around

The Chemical Brothers - Let forever be

The themes to Three's Company and Punky Brewster

Mint Royale - Don't Falter

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Shane McGowan and Sinead O'Conner - Haunted

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Well deacon, I loves my Tool, but I don't use any non-alcohol psychotropic substances, so while I loves Tool, I can't say what's best for drug use. I can imagine Pink Floyd is good on various drugs. The Grateful Dead...well, there's an old joke:


What did the deadhead say when he ran out of pot?

"Hey! This music sucks!"


Hendrix must be a trip on most drugs.


Now as far as alcohol goes, it's very simple. I drink almost excluisively with good company, so it has to be something familiar that everyone knows the words to, and everyone can sing along to. It's all good as long as we can all sing along to it, be it Nirvana, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, fuck, it can even be something like the soundtrack to The Sound Of Music.

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Now this all depends on the type of drugs you're doing. If we're talking about alcohol, then I have to go with the Pogues, or perhaps some loud punk rock ballads, or if you're a little depressed Tom Waits


*note all alcohol consumed while listening to Waits should be consumed in a brown paper bag, preferably while lying in the gutter, OR in a seedy bar at 1:00 in the afternoon. 45 year-old topless dancer optional*


Pot--doesn't really matter, it all depends on the type of stoned you are. For example, if you're feeling ghetto fabulous, then I suggest Rap or hip hop. Personally I like Dr Dre, Spooks, Outkast and Eminem. Then there's the middles grounders like Gorillaz. Love Gorillaz, but some of there stuff isn't quite rap, it starts moving into the same category as DJ Shadow, which is also very good for hitting the hash pipe. If by chance you are NOT feeling ghetto fabulous, you just feel like a big hippy, then any of the classics will do--Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd etc. I also happen to really dig The Velvet Underground after a big spliff.


LSD and Mushrooms--The techno route can be great (remind me to tell y'all about The Game), as can the hippy route. I'd avoid rap and the Velvet Underground. With Rap, there are all those siren noises...this can be really disconcerting when you're tripping. If you hear this noise, I gurantee you will believe the cops are after you for the rest of the night. As for the Velvets, all that feed back can get EXTREMELY irritating, and you might believe that a sledge hammer and your stereo should shake hands.


Ecstacy--Hmmm, there isn't much that I DON'T like when I roll (former, I don't do that shit anymore, it fucks you all up) But techo is great, so is ABBA (in fact the entire Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Soundtrack is AWESOME on E) Anything with a good beat that sounds happy happy happy.

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This one can send a party into a crying-fest.



Well a person can work up a mean mean thirst

after a hard day of nothin' much at all

Summer's passed, it's too late to cut the grass

There ain't much to rake anyway in the fall


And sometimes I just ain't in the mood

to take my place in back with the loudmouths

You're like a picture on

the fridge that's never stocked with food

I used to live at home, now I stay at the house


And everybody wants to be special here

They call your name out loud and clear

Here comes a regular

Call out your name

Here comes a regular

Am I the only one here today?


Well a drinkin' buddy that's bound to another town

Once the police made you go away

And even if you're in the arms of someone's baby now

I'll take a great big whiskey to ya anyway


Everybody wants to be someone's here

Someone's gonna show up, never fear

'cause here comes a regular

Call out your name

Here comes a regular

Am I the only one who feels ashamed?


Kneeling alongside old Sad Eyes

He says opportunity knocks once then the

door slams shut

All I know is I'm sick of everything that my money can buy

The fool who wastes his life, God rest his guts


First the lights, then the collar goes up, and the wind begins to blow

Turn your back on a pay-you-back, last call

First the glass, then the leaves that pass, then comes the snow

Ain't much to rake anyway in the fall


P. Westerberg

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2track, as someone who works as a bartender in a small town, that song is wildly depressing. THAnKS FOR RUINING MY NIGHT!!!! (just kidding)


Jax--The Piano Has Bnen Drinking is definitely the drunkest song ever, but Small Change has a few other classics. What about "Bad Liver and A Broken Heart?" or "Tom Traubert's Blues: Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen" Whew. Sad.

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Depressing, but boy is it a classic. The Replacements were Gods among men. Fuck, the high-school in HEATHERS (one great movie) was called Westerberg high in tribute to the great Paul Westerberg (lead singer/geetarist). Everyone should own at least one Replacements record (the greatest hits is top class and they do a cover of "Cruella DeVille" that has to be heard to be believed).

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I have Let It Be, but can't say I care for much of it other than "I Will Dare."

What about "Anadrogynous" or "Answering Machine"? You should pick up "All for nothing/Nothing for all" the 2 disc greatest hits collection. There's not a bad song on the record. The only thing is it's the sire years so there's nothing offa "Sorry Ma, Forgot to take out the Trash" or "Stink" which are great albums if you like punkier stuff. I hate greatest hits collections (I refuse to buy the bastards) but this is the exception. This is one that everyone should own a copy of. It's got "Bastards of the Young", "Can't hardly wait", "Here comes a Regular" and alot of other top class tunes.

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