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Okay, I thought that the Lyrics game was a great fucking idea but it turned into someone quoting an obscure ? and the Mysterions song and the damn thing was never guessed by anyone. So here's "The Lyrics Game REDUX". The rules here are the same as the other game except the song must have been a single. A song offa a bootleg Wham album you found in a second hand store in Tijuana isn't gonna cut it here. The other new rule is that if the song is still going after three days a new one along with the answer must be submitted by the person who posted it.

So I'm gonna take it with a classic from the 1980s...


Moving forward using all my breath

Making love to you was never second best

I saw the world crashing all around your face

Never really knowing it was always... mesh and lace

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I think I saw this one on your signature earlier. Jimmy Eat World's "Sweetness" from the sweet "Bleed American" album (or S/T for the post 9/11 crowd). Righteo...


It's not that I don't

want to stay

But every time you

come too close I

move away

I wanna believe in

everything that you say

'Cause it sounds

so good

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That Daredevil one, Evanescense (sp) "Wake me up" or somethin? This one's all up on the radio, we'll keep em easy:


"Yo sexy ladies want par' with us

In a the car with us, them nah war with us

In a the club them want flex with us

To get next to us, Them not vex with us..."

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I'll be "shaking my booty non stop" to Get Busy by Shawn Paul.


Bang! Bang a knock on the door another big bang and you're down on the floor

oh no! What do I do?

Don't look now but I lost my shoe I can't run and I can't kick

What's a matter babe are you feelin' sick?

What's a matter, what's a matter, what's a matter you?

What's a matter babe, are you feelin' blue? oh-oh!

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Bee Gee's it is. I had your one in my head for ages before I got it....from the most over-played fucking album in the last five years, The Strokes - Hard to Explain


I've got your picture of me and you

You wrote "I love you"

I love you too

I sit there staring and there's nothing else to do

Oh it's in color

Your hair is brown

Your eyes are hazel

And soft as clouds

I often kiss you when there's no one else around

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Argh they never stop playin that one - Three Doors Down, Kryptonite. Did no one recognize the one i threw out there that got negated? US3 - Cantaloop? It was a hit single, swear to god...ok this one's not as popular but the band is and im sure i heard this one onna radio, if no one gets it, either skip it or get Junker, spiffy etc to answer.


I'm drunk...

and right now im so in love, with you

and i dont wanna think too much about what we

should or, shouldnt do...

lay my hands on hea-ven

and the sun, and the moon, and the stars,

while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car...

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Jesus, forgot all about it! nine inch nails - the only time, swear to god its been onna radio and Junker, spiffy etc woudla nailed it, anger. Ok, a quick handoff to someone else, fuck you if you dont get it.


Right about now...the funk soul brotha

check it out now...the (goddammit you know this one)

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The song is called "The Rockafellar Shank", not "Funk Soul Brother."


Your song was Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby"


Oh, didn't I didn't I didn't I see you cryin?

Oh, didn't I didn't I didn't I see you cryin?

Feelin' all alone without a friend you know you feel like dyin'.

Oh, didn't I didn't I didn't I see you cryin?

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